Friday, August 28, 2009

The carefree Losc

Winner 2-1 to go to Belgium, Lille qualified for the group phase of the Europa League, beating Thursday Genk (4-2), thanks to a brace from De Melo, of Dumont's goals and Hazard . The Yankees will tremble as in the first period, achieving a score of parity (1-1) before the public enjoy the North Stadium after resting. They know their opponents Friday to the group stage.

Before this summer, the last European match of Mastiffs had left a bitter taste. The Losc was eliminated in 8th finals of the Champions League by Manchester United after two 1-0 defeats, including one with that famous free kick quickly taken by Ryan Giggs. The Yankee Club may be able to take his revenge this season by making a nice journey Europa League. After the Serbs swept Sevojno, men Rudi Garcia have easily dismissed the Racing Genk at the turn of dams. After the 2-1 victory in Belgium, Yohan Cabaye teammates were held at Stadium Lille Metropole.

And Thursday, the three attackers were aligned earned points. Vittek, Hazard and Obraniak, the alleged owners, started on the bench, Gervinho, De Melo and Aubameyang forming the offensive sector. Very weak against Olympique Marseille to Montpellier two weeks ago, the young Brazilian and French, on loan from AC Milan, were talking to a powder exceeded opposing defense. Gervinho, leaving a one-two with Aubameyang, could provide the opening goal in De Melo (12th), but the visitors equalized on a penalty kick, for Barda (24th).

Aubameyang decisive

The Yankees finally taking place in the second half. Taking advantage of a bad reference Belgian Stephane Dumont, owner instead of Balmont in the midfield three, doubled the lead with a beautiful back (59th). Entered into play, Eden Hazard advantage of an excellent work of Peter Coppinger to mark the left (70th). The Gabon international 20 was the man of the match, because, having made the difference on the right wing, his cross was perfectly negotiated by Tulio De Melo. Former Manceau offered twice (72).

Genk finally reduced the gap with a superb free-kick Tozser (93rd), but nothing prevented Lille to be the first French club qualified for the group stage of the Europa League. The Losc, who took his first point only last Sunday against Toulouse (1-1), continues its course without fault in Europe and gaining confidence before a new shock Sunday in Ligue 1, the field of GMP.

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