Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chantôme, querying

Long runway Fabrice Abriel, before he does sign for OM, Racing Club de Lens still looking for a midfielder capable of projecting forward. Time mentioned, Clement Chantôme could not join the North after the refusal of Antoine Kombouare to drop a player he considered interesting for the future of the club from the capital. Now, Artesian wish poach the Parisian, but this time, as a loan.

Games are not facts! Long hoped to provide the RC Lens medium runner worthy of the name, Fabrice Abriel, bought by OM in Lorient for 2.5 million euros, has finally escaped the artesian leaders who made it their priority. Limited by the DNCG, who specifically requested the management of payroll workforce, RCL had then Chantôme Clement, midfielder PSG aged 21, his target.

When Clement hides another ...

Helmed by the duo of skimmers Makelele Clement, former Lyonnais flying above and projecting forward, Clement Chantôme had only rarely received playing time last season. Under orders from Paul Le Guen's tenure in the league is even counted on the fingers of one hand, with only four appearances in the starting lineup of the club from the capital. In the UEFA Cup, the deal was slightly different with 7 games as the holder of 12 matches played by residents of the Parc des Princes.

At the heart of summer, Lens had then positioned on this tireless player and able to make this little more technical in midfield Sang et Or Rejected by Sébastien Bazin and Antoine Kombouare, the offer was then based on a permanent transfer. Since the resumption of league and according to our colleagues at RMC, Lensois are returned to the charge but for a loan for a season.

The joker deluxe Kombouare

Under the command of Antoine Kombouare, now coach of PSG, the middle runner has not been heard him explaining, July 30 last, the club's official website: "This season I hope to have more game time and have fun in this team to progress again and again. " In three days of championship Clement Chantôme has played only 31 minutes to three entries during play on the field ...

And this season, PSG will have no Cup Europe to turn its workforce. If PSG coach could be tempted to lend his player to toughen it in a stable in Ligue 1, the Kanak also knows he does not have a bench rich enough to play on three tables with the championship, France Cup and League Cup. These negotiations will be very tight between the two clubs. Unless Clement Chantôme, very discreet since the beginning of the Ligue 1, raises his voice to demand time gives the game would be certainly different and PSG in a position a little more uncomfortable about this issue.

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