Monday, August 24, 2009

Diaby is biding its time

In this month of August 2009, Vassiriki Abou Diaby started his fourth consecutive season at Arsenal. Yet since his departure from Auxerre in January 2006, the French international has struggled to establish himself as an undisputed holder in the rotation of his coach, Arsène Wenger, who sees paradoxically as an important, clearly transferable.

At the beginning of the year, Arsenal is booming and increases the performance of choice. And if William Gallas demonstrated a keen sense of purpose (3 games in all competitions for 3 outputs), Abou Diaby is not far behind. For its first appearance, and tenure, the season in the Premier League, the French international scored twice in the success of his family, at home against Portsmouth (4-1).

Once for all, the 2009-2010 season will coincide she finally with the actual outbreak of the former Auxerre? For since his move to the INF Clairefontaine and his first steps in Burgundy, all observers agree that Abou Diaby in his game has all the qualities to be among the best in the world. Yet at age 23, the native of Paris remains a wildcard of luxury to the Gunners.

Mourinho is a fan

An unusual path since Arsène Wenger has often used to leave his proteges grow one or two seasons prior to power holders, or sell them. Finally, at the dawn of a fourth season rank with the Gunners, the international french falls in neither category.

Before him, Mathieu Flamini had, for example, able to make its range and iron bit before winning, where Lassana Diarra had failed to be as patient. But three and a half seasons, Diaby attended only 64 games of Premier League ... Sure, injuries have often hampered the rise of the major stakeholder, and its versatility has unfortunately also played against him.

Indeed, at present, which can advance with certainty the true scale of this role atypical player on the pitch? Midfielder? No, too offensive ... Midfielder? Not good enough back to goal ... Attacker? Not enough depth in his game .. Short, difficult to precisely identify the Gunner, but undeniable talent. Used from time to time left to recover, right in line, supporting offensive, Abou Diaby is the handyman of Arsène Wenger.

Transferable to Wenger

And often when the Alsatian called on him, he is rewarded, exemplified by two goals from her foal Saturday against Portsmouth (4-1), on behalf of the 2nd day of first League. And in the microcosm of football nobody mistake because Diaby is monitored. "There was concrete contacts with Inter Milan and Chelsea (...) But Arsene has confirmed that he wanted to keep all costs and Abu will do nothing to leave if his coach wants to keep it. It remains to Arsenal, "recently explained his representative.

Wenger has therefore clearly on him, without making a holder indisputable mid Fabregas, Nasri (currently injured) or other Denilson. And if, to be determined to retain the Parisian home, the coach had decided that London would be the 2009-2010 season reference for Abou Diaby? A few months before the World Cup, Raymond Domenech, who also uses often the player as a "spare wheel" continues to be sure to follow with interest the course of one who was once designated as successor to Patrick Vieira.

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