Friday, August 28, 2009

Domenech: "Vieira, I hope he will return"

This Thursday at 14 hours, Raymond Domenech has communicated to the headquarters of the FFF, the list of 23 players called to face Romania and Serbia 5 and September 9 in Group 7 of the qualifications of the 2010 World Cup. Patrick Vieira, who has just resumed with Inter Milan, was not included in this list, instead of Franck Ribéry, also short of competition, but will, in turn, actually this ...

Can you comment on the absence of Patrick Vieira?
Yes, that's what I said last time: its situation at the moment the club is there even a fortnight, he has not played a whole game (he played the first half time between Inter and Bari Sunday editor's note), Pat 'need to play, he must play games, we all hope he will return at the highest level as quickly as possible for his club and Team France.

However, Franck Ribéry, who has not played much, is in the list, why?
They are two different positions, two different articles, two different morphologies. There are people who need to play, others to the limit if they do not play too much, I'd say it suits me.

Runs does one end to the career of Patrick Vieira Blue?
Not at all, it is you who say. I always hope that Pat 'return to his level, he has not finished, he is coming back little by little, it's a bit short today, but I hope that he will return quickly.

Have you talked with him about his situation?
We talk often, we talked a few times, but the situation is the same. What matters is that we have a match against Romania importantly, there are 23 players who will perhaps allow others to return at another time for qualification and participation for the World Cup. It is time to take care of those present.

"I am reassured to Titi"

What is the new hierarchy of guards?
There has already answer the question. There are still games, we come together Monday, there will be plenty of time to make decisions.

Are not you worried about the ability of Franck Ribéry to chain two games and are you confident for Thierry Henry who played the last weekend?
I'm never worried about Franck urge to participate in games, rather it is with him in the register to prevent him from doing too much and too fast, it's more in the register as I am concerned. Because of his desire and ability, I have no doubt. We will start the first game against Romania, we'll see how long he will, he may well play a game Saturday with Bayern after they manage a player depending on its condition, its capacity and the two matches that ahead, I have no prejudices of that side. Titi also returns, his tendon problems are fading, I saw his last game, 75 minutes against Bilbao, it is better he did sprints, I am also reassured that level.

Ribery play prefers left with Bayern, you use more right, will you discuss?
Players have the right to make demands. I would have preferred to be president, I am the national coach. The group is important. When we play each time a decisive match in France team, what matters is not the personal desire of a player, the collective and the balance of a team.

What role do you think Diaby should be set at international level?
This is not my role to judge where it will settle. The advantage of selection is to have players like that who in their club play at all positions, it has a good side, it provides solutions. According to him to fix his position coach to a place or another, but what are its basic qualities that are interesting from the circumstances of that game will ...

Why did you go see Benzema Monday in Madrid, to dispel misunderstandings?
Because it is the job of coach. I saw on Thursday morning that the Romanian coach has done his international tour, it seems logical that the business to go and see each other, it happens often enough to go see matches, first because that's what I do, then it is my job, it helps to see the players in different conditions, discuss with them. See the game in perspective, it's interesting.

Something had to resolve it between you two?
I have seen other players with whom I spoke. It is simply to make them feel that believes in them, we need them, that the France team needs talented players, they are part. There's the World Cup happens, everyone must be concerned, it is important to strengthen their position in relation to the France team, all breeders are working like that. It creates a relationship that with players that they will invest more or less depending on what they think. It's good to talk to them from time to time with everyone.

"There is no hierarchy in the attackers'

Is it important for you to have a Gignac fit?
It is important to have many top players, talented. I like it when you speak of Pierre-Andre, I still remember that during his first game with Lorient PSG, I said I saw a talented player. Finally, I can see things from time to time! I hope he will continue to show what it shows and they will compete for positions where there are lots of people is good, it continues like this ...

Where do you see in the hierarchy of the attackers?
I have no hierarchy, there are attackers, there are times and circumstances that make it are those who play and others who are waiting and play the shot from, or who return. The group concept is crucial, we know that the attackers, it more often than we change those defenders. What we ask is that everyone has an investment than the time it plays, and he who enters has the same thing, even a little more to show that the next time, it he has to play. It is this very healthy competition that can make the big teams.

In what state of mind do you approach this dual rendezvous point?
I turn always matches the team of France in the same manner, focused, determined, impatient to see the team play to advance in qualifying for this World Cup. We'll make a game, plus a behind where it will be successful, and what I think is geared towards maximum efficiency, what we can do for this team wins its matches.

You took Clichy and Evra Abidal and more, it means he that he is definitely a central defender in your eyes?
There is an option as a central defender, yes, he can also play left and two matches ago. We must imagine all the options, all possibilities, anything can happen in a game, so we try to find solutions, there are versatile players who are happy for the coaches and selectors, it is.

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