Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mexes ostracized

Thursday afternoon, Raymond Domenech, the coach of France, has unveiled the list of players summoned to face Romania and Serbia in September. If the absence of Patrick Vieira has spilled much ink, that of Philippe Mexes also deserves some attention. The talented defender has not found favor with the former boss of Blueberries.

It is one of the great mysteries of the France team. At 27, Philippe Mexes is still awaited successor to Laurent Blanc in the Blues. He is appearing as the "President" early in his career for his tendency to never throw himself, and cared for his reminders, only 13 caps in A. Far, far from the 97 that the current coach of the Girondins was honored between 1989 and 2000.

13 caps in seven years

Once again, Raymond Domenech, the national coach, chose to exclude the player for AS Roma before taking the challenge France Romania and Serbia, as part of the playoff World Cup 2010. Logic, one might say, insofar as the Serie A has just resumed his duties. No selectable championship in Italy does not appear elsewhere in the list of successor Jacques Santini ...

But the League, she starts the next weekend, however, no fewer than six players from the Spanish league are invited by Domenech to defend the interests lights in the race for the Global 2010. We must therefore look elsewhere for the reason of his absence.

Perhaps is it a tactical choice then? In the latest list compiled by former technician in Lyon, is already two central defenders Trades (Gallas and Squillaci), right-handed to boot. The two other players have to play in the axis (Escude and Abidal), are the ones left. A priori makes sense, especially as Squillaci Escude and train together every day in Sevilla and have complementarity necessarily important when changes in central defense.

Differing views

But, in purely sporting terms, we may still wonder about the presence of Eric Abidal in the group, to the detriment, for example, a Philippe Mexes. Former Lille has not been selected to play left, Patrice Evra and Gael Clichy as the designated side. But then, why take the risk of retaining a player who does that change moderately in central hinge, and which party is to be in the club, a liner to left-back, behind the Brazilian Maxwell FC Barcelona?

As a coach, Raymond Domenech must of course make choices, and they belong to him. Meanwhile, the main interest has never openly said on the Mexes case. Yet everyone knows that the two conflicting relationship since their first experience with common hopes, one clearly defending Italian football, the other detested. As usual, the national coach chooses silence, as he had done in the past with Florent Malouda, David Trezeguet, Ludovic Giuly, Robert Pires or Sebastien Frey.

A question of mentality

However, on his part, Philippe Mexes has never not done what it took to make himself indispensable to the team of France. Since his first cap in 2002, the Roman has repeatedly had his chance, but failed to grasp. The main interest recently recognized not have long had the proper mentality to join the group regularly France under good conditions, knowing that the bench waiting. The mea culpa is honorable, but the damage is already done.

A 27-year-old Mexes has no real future ahead of him and, in future years, alternatives, younger, will probably preferred to prepare the succession of William Gallas for example. In this post, unless people change, the best defense is doing, the duo Desailly Blanc, still in everyone's memory, has proved.

Fans of Philippe Mexes should now be a reason, if not already done so. The former Auxerre never lived a real romance with the France team, and divorce seems inevitable, despite an undeniable talent. Torts shared?

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