Sunday, August 30, 2009

MU is on target

Manchester United have waited reception Arsenal at Old Trafford to afford its 1000th home win in the Premier League (2-1). Yet evil embedded after the opening goal of sumptuous Arshavin (41st, 0-1) in the first period, the Red Devils have corrected the shooting after the break on a penalty kick converted by Wayne Rooney (59th, 1-1) and goal against his camp Diaby (64th, 2-1). The Gunners have not unworthy and can still leave the "Theater of Dreams" with certainty. The Londoners are equipped to compete until after the Red Devils. Match

Arsenal gave everything but Arsenal may leave Old Trafford with a sense of frustration. Rulers against the Red Devils who stammered their football in the first act, so Londoners return to their home with their first defeat of the season after having successively disgusted Everton (1-6) and Portsmouth (4-1) in the Premier League. As for Celtic, he had not had a say in turn dam of Champions League, both at Celtic Park (0-2) at the Emirates Stadium (3-1).

Giggs, a disastrous first period

Both articulated around a 4-5-1 with Rooney and advanced MU side Gunners Van Persie, Arsenal started the meeting yet flat out all the evidence that Manchester was large inaccuracies in the field, the Like a Ryan Giggs always cons-time. Eboue, who held the right flank, cut inside from elsewhere in the center to place a first strike leaking part of Foster (2nd). It was then Rooney's turn to take advantage of a bad reference Gallas warning for Fletcher in a shady area. Despite good control of the chest, the Scots placed his half-volley well above the crossbar (9th). The central defender tricolor wrongdoing on the action, then corrected himself to hold a party for Rooney to deliver a big performance (11th). It was also the only one to show off his class in the area offensive Mancunian. In defense, Patrice Evra, in his usual left corridor, also perform a fast start.

After the first quarter of an hour, Arsenal logically monopolized the ball and was about to seriously worry Foster, secure intercom little Red Devils. Van Persie crocheting her vis-à-vis the surface before firing directly at Evra, who diverted the ball for a corner (25th). Less than a minute later, Robin van Persie was Andriy Arshavin from a corner but the Russian, the fallout of the ball, slightly screwed his shot over the bar (26th).

Van Persie missed the break

It was really waiting for the final minutes of the first period to see the meeting excited. Arsenal first railed against the referee, Mr. Dean, who forgot a clear penalty after being fouled by Fletcher on Arshavin. The Scots shipped everything but the ball but the man in yellow did not flinch (40th). Russia striker needed only a few seconds to recover his senses and ignite Foster Empowered with a shot of the left corner. The international was then the window of Foster with a shot of pure law, the porter MU can not touched the ball (40th, 0-1).

Logically rewarded before the break Arsenal thought well continue on the path to success, especially when Van Persie, Dutch left-hander, was still receiving a stirring Arshavin. Van Persie deflected the ball from close range but miraculously Foster turned the leg (48th).

Wenger ends in the stands ...

Clumsy, Arsenal would pay dearly on a breakthrough of Wayne Rooney in the axis. The International Perfidious Albion drove his ball into the box and Almunia could only cut the striker. This time, Mr. Dean hissed out a penalty that devil Rooney turned his 102nd goal for his team. Therefore in the right direction of travel after a match started much too timid, the proteges of Sir Alex Ferguson took the game to their account and turn the tide. The result was that made matters worse for Arsenal who cashed a second goal on a center Giggs right side. Diaby scored against his side in trying to deflect a ball head (2-1, 64th). Rooney struggled the whole front of the Gunners attack and cursed the fate of their last opportunity of the match when Dean had left 5 minutes of added time ...

With three seconds left, Van Persie was the equalizer. Wenger before exploding with joy to see the linesman report an offside Gallas, apparently too eager to return to the mark. Exceeding the bounds in criticizing the referee, Wenger was left to finish the encounter in the stands. And Sir Alex Ferguson to secure his 16th successful cons technician Alsace ...

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