Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That goes for Benzema

After the Joan Gamper Trophy, monopoly of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid on Monday disputed the Santiago Bernabeu trophy, against Rosenborg, and has become easily (4-0), thanks to a nice realization of Lassana Diarra. The other French Real Madrid arrived in early July, Karim Benzema, was also illustrated with a pair, and gum gradually concerns arising from his transfer astronomical.

On July 1, Karim Benzema joined, almost everyone's surprise, Real Madrid's patron Spanish Florentino Perez returned to power to boost the fortunes of the club and reconnect with the Galacticos period, then led by Zinedine Zidane, Michael Owen, David Beckham, Ronaldo and Luis Figo.

The double trophy at the Bernabeu

In the operation, Olympique Lyonnais, club trainer International tricolor recovered no less than 35 million euros, adjustable height of six units over by the upcoming results of Merengues. But besides the financial windfall brewed around this transfer, several questions were quickly tributed on the career of a player who was only 21 years, especially since a few months a large international meeting such as the FIFA World 2010.

Almost two months after his arrival at the White House, fans of "Benzinho" are partly reassured. Despite the presence of players of the caliber of Gonzalo Higuain, Raul Gonzalez, Ricardo Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Habs seems perfectly into the plans of the new sorcerer Madrid, Manuel Pellegrini, who arrived straight from Villarreal.

As proof, after scoring his first goal in its new livery, July 20 last for his first appearance against the Irish Shamrock Rovers, "Benzegoal" chained the exits of choice, based ideally in a collective future. And on the ground, protected by Karim Djaziri continues to meet present, as evidenced by its best player in the Bernabeu Trophy. Monday night against the Norwegians Rosenborg, No. 19 still shined, offering twice to celebrate his appointment at the forefront of the attack on Real, including imitating his friend ches les Bleus, Lassana Diarra, author of a long-range and victorious (4-0).

The blessing of Raul

A few days before the next championship across the Pyrenees, Karim Benzema seems on track, he who had dreamed since childhood of wearing the jersey immaculate. Unlike a Nicolas Anelka in his time, the newcomer managed to blend into the locker room Iberian there was rapid adoption by local icon Raul immense on the pitch but too often dictatorial backstage.

Over time, the Spanish international but has mellowed and lost its influence in the locker room of the White House, especially since the retirement of Fernando Hierro. Anyway, "Benzinho" was able to make the necessary efforts to be appreciated and has not landed near Santiago Bernabeu with the stated desire to overthrow everything in its path. Adapting to a new club, which is more legendary than is Real, is also a sensible compromise between reserved and ambition.

The footsteps of Barca ...

This "magic potion", the old CL seems to have found the exact composition and his performances on the field really started to feel the benefits. Always in motion, Blue seems to have already assimilated the game advocated by the technician Chile, based on perpetual movement, the repeated exchanges and fluidity. Obviously, the White House has not yet mastered his rival Barcelona in entertainment per se, but progress is evident.

Now load Benzema to catch the right train and maintain its current form. But now being trusted by its partners and its coach, the spot on the Habs will inevitably be facilitated ...

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