Thursday, August 27, 2009

Valencia, the end balances

Valencia is not cheap. On the verge of implosion, the Valencia FC has retained all its jewels. This is a tour de force has made the new club president Manuel Llorente, who has managed to keep David Villa, Juan Mata, David Silva ... courted by the major European teams. After a summer that promised to be hot, Murcielagos nothing changed.

This should be a transfer window open house, almost a cattle market. David Villa, David Silva, Juan Mata, Joaquín, Nikola Zigic, Vicente ... All they had to leave all Mestel to seek his fortune in other lands. But they are still there under the white jersey of a flocked black bats. However, the Valencia Club de Fútbol showed a debt of almost 600 million euros out of a difficult season, finished with a 6th place qualifying for the UEFA Europa League, the only title of the Barca tripled (Copa del Rey-Liga Champions-League).

After a season ever and a bank account in the red, Valencians were courted. The suitors came knocking at the gate to enter Joaquin (Real Betis, Juventus), Vicente (Monaco), Miguel Angulo (PSG), Zigic (Bordeaux, Lyon), Mata (Real, Barca, Inter), Silva (Manchester United, Atlético Madrid, Real, Juventus ...) or Villa (MU, Liverpool, Barca, Chelsea ...). But nothing works: Manuel Llorente, president of Chés, do not yield. And the millions offered by the European cadors did not alter the general pattern.

Capital increase

For he who has replaced Vicente Soriano at the head of Valencia CF in the heart of summer 2009 has a plan. In early July, Llorente launches capital increase of 92 million euros. What put the butter in the spinach, the time to complete the sale of the Mestalla, the impregnable lair of White and Black, and installing a new speaker, whose work had been halted for lack of funding.

A few weeks later, the same Llorente announced it received a loan of 74 million euros to pay off the debts of the club. An amount injected into the coffers with the endorsement of a local bank (Bancaja) and the regional government and will contribute to the capital increase. "A new era of stability begins immediately welcomed Llorente, and players can now concentrate fully on their game."

Lesson loyalty

As for players, precisely, was strangely calm. While in France, an Adil Rami was moved not to go, David Villa, He showed his composure in a press conference: "I have nothing to reproach himself. The President explained that the club had changed its mind, what I understood and accepted. My sale was planned for economic reasons, but things have changed. I said that if the best for the club was that I stay, I 'd be delighted. There was never any tension as has been said. A real lesson in loyalty, added later: "I've never felt like a player from another team since the club has never announced to be close to a deal with anyone. I did not felt used, the clubs are accustomed to consider all options to strengthen. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have tried to recruit me, but the club asking more than what they offered. That's . I am a player of Valencia and I am proud to be here. "

So, it's a big team who receives Sevilla at the 1st day of Liga, this Sunday, August 30. David Villa, David Silva and Mata are still there. The goalkeeper Miguel Angel Moya and French defender Jeremy Mathieu arrived, until Jonathan de Guzman. Only major departure, Raul Albiol, who left Real for 15 million euros. Penniless, Valencia is the top of the table. And continues to live above its means.

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