Friday, September 11, 2009

Argentina panic

In South America, as in Europe, there are still two days to get a ticket for World Cup 2010. Brazil qualified last Saturday by beating Argentina (3-1). Wednesday night is the Paraguay which has secured his ticket to South Africa also beat Argentina (1-0). Really, nothing goes for players Diego Maradona who now find themselves 5th, either in place of the dam, and are threatened by Uruguay and Venezuela, a point behind.

Two countries already know they will have the honor to attend the first World Cup competing on African soil. Brazil's Dunga, who will play his 19th World in as many editions, and Paraguay, coached by Gerardo Martino, who play the 8th World Cup, his fourth in a row. For the 2.5 remaining places is still very open.

Argentina, in a pack of four teams

The 3rd is now Chile, defeated Wednesday by Brazil (4-2), which even qualified, do not forget to do the show. With 27 points, La Roja is a foot in South Africa since it has 4 points ahead of Ecuador, 4th, and there is no more than 6 points to distribute. Ecuador, with 22 points, is still under the threat of a platoon of 4 teams that takes place in 2 points. Argentina, 5th, 22 points, Uruguay and Venezuela, respectively 6th and 7th with 21 units, and even the British, 8th with 20 points. Bolivia (9th) and Peru (10th) are off track.

For Argentina, used to qualify more easily, it is a very uncomfortable situation. In the eye of the storm, coach Diego Maradona. Appointed to his post October 28, 2008, replacing Alfio Basile, while Albiceleste is the 3rd, she has now lost two places and is no longer in a position to direct qualified. The Argentines had to react after the defeat against Brazil, on his land in Rosario. Yet although such a disappointment that hit the entire country after another match lost against Paraguay (1-0), in Asuncion.

0-1, and then reduced to 10

The match began in a very threatening for the Argentines with two poles which saved the porter Argentina. Then Romero was finally beaten by Borussia Dortmund striker Nelson Valdez. The scorer of 25 years concluded a superb action with a touch of the ball from the Albirroja. The Argentines were then reduced to 10 following the expulsion of Juan Sebastian Veron.

The team of "God" recorded his fourth loss in six qualifying matches since he took charge of selection. One thing is sure, the selection will not be welcomed by not returning to Tango in Buenos Aires on Thursday. Quite the contrary in Paraguay, where, to celebrate the victory, this Thursday is a holiday in schools and government!

"The will we see on TV?"

A possible play-off for Argentina will play against the 4th in the Concacaf zone. In North America, there is also two days and the 4th place will be between Costa Rica, which holds that position today, the Honduras and El Salvador.

On Thursday, the Argentine press was very worried. Thus, the evening daily, La Razon, headlined on its website: "The will we see on TV?", Speaking of the next World Cup. Coach Maradona tried to defuse the situation after the game. He believes that Argentina still has a "last chance". "We're not dead yet, and we will qualify for the World". In addition, he has begun to dispel doubts about his possible departure: "I will fight for Argentina is the World Cup. I'm not afraid of criticism, I do my work, I think in my team, "he said.

The next day, October 10, Argentina receives Peru, last. This game should not be too complicated. However, Argentina will play one of the most important games in its history during the last day October 13, moving to Uruguay. The Albiceleste is in great danger. A non-qualifying for the next World Cup would be experienced as traumatic in Argentina, which has not experienced such a disappointment since 1970.

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