Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Barca did not tremble

Inter Milan still can not win in the Champions League. In moving to Russia in early afternoon to face the Rubin Kazan, champion, training Mourinho has been neutralized (1-1). Stankovic said the opener Dominguez. Barça, meanwhile, has made the job by winning at the reception Dynamo Kiev (2-0), despite goals from Messi and Pedro. The Blaugrana are leading this group F.

Tuesday at 20:45

Barcelona 2-0 Dynamo Kiev Match

The European champion found his audience at Camp Nou for the receipt of Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday evening in Barcelona. Visitors surprising in the first minutes of the meeting since it is they who light the first match on a heavy hit Magrao (3rd). Thanks to a dry well executed, the champions of Ukraine are to their advantage and Yussuf is on the verge of finding the net but misses its recovery center Milevskiy (20th).

Barça decided to respond and, on his first serious opportunity, found the net when Messi, little seen before, Shovkovskiy mistaken shooting of a low cross from the left (1-0, 25th). The Catalan machine is warming up gradually and crushes all resistance. The superiority of individual and collective Blaugrana is obvious but Ibrahimovic fails to save his family away, stumbling twice on the last bastion visitor (32nd, 45 1 e). Between the two cars from Sweden, one goal is to consistently refused Dynamo to a position off-set Vukojevic (40th).

After the break, Barça continues her recital but just before scoring a second goal. Ibrahimovic remains silent despite a head bitten (47th) and a shot from the left (66th) before Pedro entered the break in place of Iniesta, does not benefit from a nice pass the giant Norse to get up in the Camp Nou (2-0, 66th). The end game is one way and Barca, with 4 points from two outings, took control of Group F in the group phase of the Champions League.

Tuesday 18.30

Rubin Kazan 1-1 Inter Milan, Match

In group F of the death of the Champions League, the Rubin Kazan and Inter Milan were not allowed to make mistakes, Tuesday evening, during Act II of the group stage. As a result, pressure has prevailed and the two formations were neutralized (1-1).

The champion of Russia believes, however, when Dominguez opened the scoring after a fine individual goal (11th, 1-0). Men's providential Rubin, Argentina is in all good things the first act.

Author of a perfect cross for Navas, number 10 regrets the lack of success of the Spanish that does not end on the (20th). An error of as much as Lucio (18th), Eto'o (23e) are not far from the equalizer to provide Nerazzurri. And what would happen happened with a head Stankovic's saving on a beautiful center Maicon (28th, 1-1).

Elbow to elbow at the break, Russians and Italians began even more beautiful after the break. Too good, surely, for Balotelli who scoop logically for a second yellow card following a new gesture behind (58th).

The Russians then grow more beautiful but Julio Cesar is constantly on parade (67th, 78th) when it is not his post which saves on attempted Semak (82nd). Finally, the two champions will leave good friends and have still not won a single match in the competition.

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