Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A bump or a flop?

It's Monday editorial! And for this editorial, nothing better than a little shock at the summit between Olympique de Marseille, dolphin, and Girondins de Bordeaux, champion de France title. The first shock of the season that everyone was waiting to see whether or not the two formations had very means of their ambitions. The tribute to Robert Louis-Dreyfus before the meeting was emotional, physical intensity indeed present. But apart from that? Not much ...

I was ready in my couch. Ready to devour the first shock of the championship version of France between 2009-2010 Olympique de Marseille, and his ambitious recruitment and Girondins de Bordeaux and their 14 consecutive successes. Nothing could touch me, not even the phone off first before the duel at the top of Ligue 1. The case was well under way, a tribute to Robert Louis-Dreyfus, before the start of the last game of the 4th day moving.

And then there was this game broadcast on Canal Plus. It was left briskly with Aquitanians intent on scalping the head of the Olympians on their lawn fetish. The Marseille forced into exile in the Mosson to confront Losc during the 2nd day. Gouffran was projected forward quickly on an opening of Fernando Mandanda but, as the porter that is international, threw himself at the feet of the former Caen (7th). A first chance in the first 10 minutes and then ... nothing. Or if errors because the physical intensity, it was good to go in all the duels. 38 errors throughout the encounter, seven yellow cards distributed during the match and, above all, a dull first period to die at the Velodrome.

Brandao, the alarm clock ...

After fifteen minutes of play and a free-kick well saved by Cisse Carrasso, my eyes closed for a good twenty minutes of play time probably for me to get another game, much more dramatic among Lille and PSG at the Parc des Princes with such a missile from a half-volley from Clement. 20 minutes of rest time, no doubt recovering from this overflow of emotion experienced at the Parc des Princes. 20 minutes of lethargy, the time to turn a Brandao first match on the amount left Carrasso (36th). Commentators elated and I went out of my torpor. Rebelotte then until the hour and minute Marseilles with two opportunities in quick succession, including a cross Cheyrou (64th).

A summit of Ligue 1 played in fits and starts with, as did last game, a goal unfairly denied Jussiê in injury time for fouling of the surface Ciani in Marseille (0-0). A clash of titans of low technical level where both teams have mostly tried to extinguish the offensive tendencies of the other training, rather than trying to play and make a difference. Certainly, there was the commitment of the duel. While both coaches have delivered a big battle tactics to neutralize an opponent in midfield. But disappointment has pointed the tip of his nose at the final whistle. And you, what did you think?


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