Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chelsea's hand

Once will not hurt the other side of the Channel, the 7th day of Premier League will allow cadors championship play almost all at the same time. Indeed, Saturday, from 16 hours, Chelsea and Manchester United respectively make a visit to Stoke City and Wigan, while Liverpool hosts Hull City. In the evening, Arsenal will attempt to conquer in his derby which contrasted with Fulham, and Monday, Manchester City, close discussions with the approval of West Ham. The multiplex Live

Saturday at 16 hours

Wigan (15th) - Chelsea (1)

Currently, in England, Chelsea seems to have no equal ... At the dawn of the 7th day of Premier League, the Blues are on a nice set of six straight wins and move on land with Wigan boosted morale block. Around the duo Anelka-Drogba, London is the armada body and has conceded just three goals since the start of the year. The Latica they arise thus sacrificial victims before the meeting? Given the statistics, yes, because at home, men Roberto Martinez has already crashed twice, including a correction imposed by Manchester United (0-5), August 22 last.

Stoke City (10th) - Manchester United (2nd), the match live

Last season, Stoke City, then promoted, had long weathered before finding its feet and tear maintenance. This season seems under better auspices, although teammates Rory Delap has not yet managed to shine against the big fishes of the championship (lost to Liverpool 4-0, and back at home against Chelsea, 1-2) . From his side Manchester United, after a slow start, seems to have found its stride and has four successful chain of rank with the key, not less than 14 goals. Impressive.

Liverpool (3rd) - Hull City (19th)

The Reds are better, thank you for them ... Having been twice in three matches, the bitter taste of defeat in the Premier League, Liverpool has rectified the matter and remains on three straight wins, with at least three successful achievements in every game. However, the rub even defensively (9 goals conceded in 6 games), and Hull City hopes to benefit. However, the Tigers, who are unable to reap the points since the beginning of the current year, should know the click to exit the trap of Anfield.

Saturday, 18.30

Fulham (14th) - Arsenal (7th)

What will face Arsenal on Saturday evening at Craven Cottage? Having fallen heavily in the reach of Manchester City (4-2), the Gunners were thrashed Wigan (4-0), and had previously been able to spend 4 goals in 6 to Portsmouth and Everton. In other words, the Gunners attack may ignite at any moment if the rear is good. Fulham do not necessarily know which foot to dance before the derby, especially as the results of partner Clint Dempsey are not brilliant and very fickle.

Monday in 21 hours

Manchester City (4th) - West Ham (16th)

Finally, Citizens assert ... After building a particularly talented team on paper, Manchester City leaders begin to enjoy the meadow. And despite the failure of the fiery city derby the previous weekend (3-4), teammates Carlos Tevez seem capable of making the shadow of the famous Big Four. And, a priori, West Ham did not seem able to compete now. Apart from the success achieved during the 1st day of Premier League, against Wolves, the Hammers have now lost three games in four (Tottenham, Wigan, Liverpool).

The complete program

Saturday at 13:45

Portsmouth (20th) - Everton (13th)

Saturday at 16 hours

Birmingham City (11th) - Bolton (17th)
Blackburn Rovers (18th) - Aston Villa (5th)
Tottenham (6th) - Burnley (9th)

Sunday at 17 hours

Sunderland (8th) - Wolverhampton (12th)

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