Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Lloris to win

The pressure is now on the shoulders of goalkeeper for Olympique Lyonnais. Excellent in a club since his arrival a year ago, and already very successful in the first 4 days of Ligue 1, Hugo Lloris has taken the No. 1 team in France. It is therefore incumbent upon the next two crucial matches in the framework of the World Cup 2010 qualifiers, against Romania Serbia Saturday and Wednesday. Maganda, often feverish in Blue, is relegated to the bench.

To the question "what is the new hierarchy of the guardians?", Asked last week during a press conference, Raymond Domenech has offered a terse response but clear: "There is already the answer to the question". Even if the coach likes to explain to reporters that he chose over the form of time, the hierarchy has been changed before the victorious trip to the Faroe Islands two weeks ago. The test should be confirmed on Saturday against Romania and Serbia next Wednesday, at two key meetings of the playoffs World Cup 2010.

Lloris picks

As stated by L'Equipe, Hugo Lloris is the new goalkeeper Les Bleus at the expense of Steve Mandanda. The Lyons had not had to leave the big game in the last game of the France team, however, is showing febrile several occasions in his kicking. The pressure is now on the player brought to OGC Nice, but who can rely on an early season really excellent. He saved his family every weekend in Ligue 1.

Steve Mandanda, he pays the excitement certainly displayed during his year as No. 1 selection tricolor. For now, the Marseilles is simply the best club in that selection. "It did not specifically affected. I do not like it because I am a competitor. It bothers me. But we must stop this whole controversy. There is no death of man, I do they do not understand so many stories, "he asserted in L'Equipe the return of the Faroes.

Bergeroo: "Do not change all the time"

Specifically, the debate about the hierarchy of the guards can not be resolved. Simply because the only Raymond Domenech and decides that the level of both parties is equal. "We are fortunate to have two goalkeepers of the highest level are very young. At that time, the guards began from 27-28 years. There has to do with Barthez and Lama. C This is a generation just as interesting, "Philippe Bergeroo analysis, the goaltending coach of world champions 98. If it finds Mandanda good on his goal line, he recently compared to Carnus Lloris (shown porter of the Blues in the 60s).

"I was accused of pushing for Lloris. Compared to my former status as a team in France, so I avoid my opinion, but it is all very complicated to choose," said Bergeroo, before explaining: "They have time to grow, especially during meetings as important. By cons, do not change all the time. Mentally, it's very important at this position that we are not in the spotlight each encounter. " Raymond Domenech will now have a good idea to clarify the situation, failing which a Lloris strained by the event, as previously Mandanda.

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