Saturday, September 12, 2009

Paraguay eighth heaven

By beating Argentina in Asuncion on Wednesday night (1-0), Paraguay has qualified for the 8th finals of the World Cup. It is followed by beautiful scenes of joy on the lawn. A party who has even continued Thursday around the country since a holiday was declared after qualifying! This ticket to South Africa concluded a campaign heats very well conducted where Paraguay has always been in the forefront.

Paraguay had already participated in seven final rounds of the World Cup. He will be honored to play an eighth from June 11, 2010, the date of the next in South Africa. The Albirroja participated in World Cups 1930, 1950 and 1958 but was eliminated in the first round. She returned in 1986, this time, participation in the knockout finals. Then Paraguay found lasting place among the world elite in 1998, where he again reached the knockout, stopped by France and the first golden goal in the history of the competition. In 2002, it was Germany that stops at the same stage of the competition. In 2006, they will not cross the first round. Today, the Guarani are part of regulars major world event and are always difficult to beat, as has been realizing the French during the last France-Paraguay, May 31, 2008 in Toulouse, which , ended in a goalless draw.

A quality course with a victory over Brazil

In 16 games of qualifying, Paraguay, led by Argentinian Gerardo "Tata" Martino, won 9 wins, including a 2-1 win over Brazil on June 15, 2008, made 3 draws and lost 4 times. The team scored 22 goals in 13 conceded. What is notable is that unlike their predecessors, Albirrojos have not only distinguished by their defensive strength. The strikers Roque Santa Cruz (Manchester City), Salvador Cabañas (Club América, Mexico) and Nelson Haedo Valdez (Borussia Dortmund), best scorer of his team with 5 achievements are among the major architects of this qualification. This is a point precisely the Paraguayan defender moving to Sunderland, Paulo Da Silva, after the game: "For years we talked about our strong defense, but this time we have proved we are a team full with great offensive players. We are in our game. "

A victory "just"

After Wednesday's victory over Argentina (1-0), synonymous with qualification assured, joy swept the whole country, so much so that Thursday was declared a holiday for schools and government! Pour le buteur du match, Nelson Alves, cela devient une habitude de qualifier son pays pour une Coupe du Monde. Indeed, for the 2006 World Cup qualifiers, Alves had already scored the winning goal in the decisive match against Venezuela. For the coach of Paraguay, whose remarks were reported in the newspaper La Nacion, the victory is "fair". He added: "It was a very good first half, when we had opportunities to widen the gap. For me it is time that Paraguay did not play as well.

La presse fêtait sa sélection nationale jeudi. The site of the Ultima Hora newspaper headlined mockingly, "Hey Maradona! We are already in World ... And you?". Then the newspaper sub-headline: "What more? In a big game, the selection has found his football has been one of the leading qualifiers for 2 years, and defeated no less than Argentina Maradona and Messi.

After the triumph, Gerardo Martino thought: "What people do celebrate and be proud of the players who have made a great qualifying campaign and are on target. (...) The group is fabulous."

Now, what ambitions for the month of June? For the defender Paulo Da Silva, "we must not go faster than the music. The World Cup is in several months and we must work hard for us to present the best conditions. We still need to improve certain aspects even if it does not undermine our joy tonight. " Paraguay appears to have the means to repeat his recent performance at the World Cup, namely to reach the knockout phase, at least ...

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