Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ronaldo, tile

Big blow to Real Madrid and especially for Portugal. Indeed, the Spanish newspaper Marca revealed today that the Portuguese's injury does not progress positively. Initially absent for a month, the 24 year old striker is finally out for at least another month, and the question of an operation arises. This is a tile for Selecção playing qualification for the 2010 World Cup on 14 and 18 November, when dams against Bosnia.

The tackle supported the Marseilles Souleymane Diawara on Cristiano Ronaldo, September 30 last, during the 2nd day of the Champions League, never stops to have consequences for the Ballon d'Or 2008. Injured right ankle, the 24-year-old had suffered a relapse with Portugal on October 10. The Portuguese international would then be absent for three to four weeks and should be back for the decisive match for Portugal against Bosnia in dams of the World Cup on 14 and 18 November.

Already made in 2008

But ultimately, the injury of Cristiano Ronaldo is not ready to be healed. This shows that the Spanish newspaper Marca in its Thursday edition. Latest medical care from doctors of Real Madrid are disturbing. Ronaldo will miss not only the derby this weekend against Atlético Madrid, but he could miss many more games. Once known bad evolution of the injury, doctors have contacted the player and his agent, Jorge Mendes, and by mutual agreement, they decided that the striker arrived in Spain this summer would be, this Thursday evening in Amsterdam that Dr. Van Dijk assesses the state of his ankle.

Niek van Dijk is also the surgeon who had operated in July 2008 when the former Manchester United striker suffered a detached two fragments of cartilage, a source of recurrent inflammation. This will assess whether the player must again pass on the operating table. In such cases, the unavailability may even take several months. According to Spanish sports daily, the lack of attacking the White House could then be extended to two or three months.

Blow to the Seleccao

While Portugal will play one of the most important games in its history against Bosnia-Herzegovina in ten days, this absence is a very bad news, but excellent for Bosnians Miroslav Blazevic has unveiled its list 26 players to face Portugal on Wednesday. Thus, the Portuguese sports daily O Jogo, title Thursday: Real threat to the selection.

For Real Madrid is also a blow. At the time of his injury, the Portuguese was in excellent shape. After 5 league games and 2 League champions, the New Madrid's scored 9 goals. Since his injury, the club of the capital known results sawtooth and Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini is on the hot seat. The technician can no longer count on the return of former Red Devils to raise his team must find other solutions. Currently, Real Madrid made no statement about the unavailability of the player bought 94 million euros last summer.

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