Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 is at our feet

2009 is still there for a few hours, but 2010 with its international commitments, will not soon. And it starts with a CAD course we try to make you live closer. This will be a small hors d'oeuvre compared to the global event ahead of June 11 to July 11, 2010 next. This is obviously the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the first on the African continent. Finally, how can one not mention the Champions League could be exciting for the French clubs and Bordeaux in particular, better training for the group phase in 2009. And so, with that, you're not happy ...

2010 or the year of football! Whether you like it or not elsewhere ... And to start this wonderful year ahead, there will evidently the winter transfer window that could be busier than usual because of the African Cup of Nations in Angola from 10 to 31 January next. Training who wish to find the gem to replace certain elements disputing parties this international competition with their nation. Chelsea could also fun to pick a few players before seeing his recruiting ban applied during the next offseason.

And as a symbol, Roman Abramovich, the owner donor, just erase the debt of the Blues against him. And then there are players out of bed, as the OM Valbuena, who seek a destination to resume. Sinama-Pongolle, international selection with the Blues, has meanwhile already chosen. At six months of the first World Cup in Africa will be the Sporting Clube de Portugal after the Atletico Madrid. The transfer window opens its doors in France next January 4. It is well known, France does not like the others ...

And January 10th, we will open up in the CAN in Angola, perhaps not the most popular, but surely the most expensive in history and well covered "journalistically" speaking, this probably explains that. If journalists had to show their credentials with visa offered by attrition, the price of tickets for the games is exorbitant. At least, it will be better organized than the previous one in 2006 in Ghana. In a great "anything" in terms of transport or hotels, Egypt had won his 6th coronation. Pharaohs who will be hard to achieve such a feat first because the Ivory Coast and Cameroon ahead of favorites like logical and, above all, because the elimination against Algeria in game support the World Cup is still fresh in their heads (0-1).

It is hoped at least to all training undertaken a very nice competition with a special affection for Algeria, Tunisia, Mali and Côte d'Ivoire, the most represented communities in France in Africa. And a thought for Morocco, Senegal and Congo who have obviously failed at the stage of qualifying. Now, the best man win!

The African Cup of Nations will in any case a good preparation for the big event of the year, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa from June 11 to July 11, 2010. A World Cup which will be with the team, however, that France had to fight hard to win his ticket match against Ireland dams. It will not redo history, or erase the back of the hand precisely that of Thierry Henry but I expect a great performance from the team of France. For if I am not a big fan of Raymond Domenech as head of the team of France (as well not hide it ...), I prefer by far a beautiful course that the Blues off the road premature eviction of Raymond Domenech, who should in any way leave the ship at the end of the competition. I know that some expect the opposite, but not me, thinking that the team of France survive anyway the coach and the interests of the Blues must take precedence over that of its technicians. What I give to relive 1998? A second star on the jersey. We went so close in 2006 ...

Yet God is my witness that I was happy to see a communications expert to succeed Roger Lemerre and Jacques Santini as head of the Tricolor. But since then, Raymond Domenech, volleyed by the Federal Council, has accumulated blunders between the demand for marriage on the evening of the elimination of Euro 2008, his statements after the turn of dams against Ireland, its conferences Press sentimental and always made of wooden language and, finally, his denial of the premium for the qualifying campaign. Not to mention the ground. Of course, I could go on and better.

Nevertheless, I would wish to see the team of France carry the torch of the 2006 who had managed to climb to the final against Italy in Germany, with Raymond Domenech (we must render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar ), and with the result that we know. But here too, the best man win!

Finally, after I set you free, why not wait a feat for a French team in the Champions League, as had been done at Monaco's surprising final Champions League in 2004 against FC Porto? Bordeaux, the new Monaco? Not for me, no thank you! Rather Bordeaux, the new Porto Laurent Blanc in place of José Mourinho. Better training of the group stage, the Girondins can already pass an 8th-finals at their disposal against Olympiakos, which is more a return to Chaban-Delmas. Afterwards, he will anyway inflame the meetings and have that touch of madness which had enabled the DSO out consecutively Real Madrid in the quarterfinals and Chelsea in the semifinals.

I do not forget that Lyon will have one eighth more difficult to negotiate against the Merengues but nonetheless allowed two French clubs to pass, finally, the first round since 2007 and qualified in Lille and Rhodaniens. And LOSC, talk about it! If he could, and Marseilles, reached the final of the Europa League, 2010 I recall in 2004 with strange lights two clubs in the final European Cup. And hopefully this time, a different outcome. Let no one say that a French club can not win a European Cup. On a misunderstanding ... You know the rest!

Customers loyal readers or pass, bloggers, any team wish you best wishes for the year 2010 presents! Hoping that this year's football offers happiness to his most fervent supporters.

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