Friday, January 8, 2010

Neville on the end

In May, after the current year, a symbol of Manchester United will hang up the cleats. Used by injuries the past two years, Gary Neville does not see offer for extension by his club and will end a career rich and full. At 35 years, and after 17 seasons at the highest level, the former England international necessarily leave a great void in the right lane.

Somehow, all part of the pitch at Old Trafford is his ... It will nevertheless be a reason. On the evening of the 38th and final day of Premier League for the match against Stoke City, no doubt the fabulous Public Theater of Dreams, acknowledging, will do him a tribute. It does not erase it 17 seasons as a back of his hand.

The longevity despite criticism

Because if loyalty Giuseppe Bergomi, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Del Piero or Ryan Giggs is often stressed, Gary Neville has nothing to envy to his fellow Italian and Welsh. Arrived in the first team in 1993 under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson, the native of Bury had left over the tunic holds indisputable. Without doubt he would still present even in the rotation if a Scottish engineer nasty foot injury had not sidelined for over a year. And since last August, the older brother Phil has appeared five times in league with the Red Devils for four tenure in the Champions League.

Not bad for a grandpa on the decline ... But, contrary to Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer once, too viscerally attached to training Mancunian, English has never been unanimous. Often mocked, or even severely criticized by the press across the channel for some memorable balls, the classic No. 2 was even more merit to cling and stay on top level, ignoring the jeers and diatribes .

However, at a time when the sun is about to lie down on the fabulous journey of Gary Neville, time is more respect and admiration on the path. And his record speaks much in his favor since MU has won him two C1, nine league titles in England, a Intercontinenale Cup, two FA Cup finals and a World Cup for clubs.

An example according to Ferguson

In club, the right side has been the most successful, but was much less spoiled the national squad, despite 85 caps who command respect. Solid defensively and tactically more rigorous, Neville has however always fished offensively, which has prevented him from scoring at least once with the jersey of the "Three Lions" on their shoulders. A anectodes that does not detract from the quality of the career of primary interest.

As evidenced by the recent testimony of his coach always, Sir Alex Ferguson: "He never had the talent of Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes but has always shown strong determination that made him indispensable. It has also demonstrated great courage to come back with his latest injury. At his age it was not won. But he was absolutely fantastic. This demonstrates what ... Gary is an amazing man ". The compliments are strong and are not necessarily in vain from the mouth of the Red Devils coach.

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