Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aulas strutting ...

Tuesday, Olympique Lyonnais has easily disposed of Anderlecht (5-1, 1-3) in playoff game of the Champions League. If that qualification for the group phase of the competition has been clearcut, the statements of Jean-Michel Aulas that followed lend insights. To listen to the French businessman, his players have achieved a real coup ... An editorial exceptional start the debate.

If Didier Deschamps, coach of Olympique Marseille, may seem frustrating to use and abuse the language of wood, if Laurent Blanc, Bordeaux coach may tire force play to those who do not play the title Jean-Michel Aulas, president of the OL is tiring to try to force constantly selling and overselling his proteges.

Lack of regression?

At the end of leg accounting for around dams in the Champions League against Anderlecht (1-3), the big boss of the club Rhone did not ask to come deliver her feelings in front of microphones, voice recorders and other cameras of the media world. Just before, he still took care to come to the ola before hundreds of French fans who had traveled in Belgium.

What, then, could well pass the OL to generate as much joy exploded from his chair? Well the Gones eliminated Anderlecht (5-1, 1-3) in turn dam of the Champions League and thus qualify for the group phase of the most prestigious continental competitions.

"It's a feat!" JMA has proudly launched at the end of the game, before the journalists present. "This qualification was within arm's reach but it was also difficult to pick because Anderlecht is a strong team. It must also resist the pressure mentally. We ought not tremble ...". Lyon has he fallen so low that the club must now vibrate to the point where a big name in the past, which is a mere shadow of himself in the midst of the slump in club football in Belgium, is well corrected?

The hunt for media exposure

Obviously not ... No doubt Mr Aulas, who is deeply committed to his team and his players, he just reacted like a bear that is within him. On this point, hard to blame him.

But what to make of this almost morbid need the president of the biggest club in the Hexagon was to assess according to the French competition? Throughout the summer, JMA surprised to see the media move away from his OL to focus on Bordeaux, Marseille or even Paris, when he claimed a few months earlier at the same interlocutors greater peace to work. .. You said paradox?

Tuesday night, again, Aulas has seen fit to remember that Lyon would be in the 2nd hat before the draw groups of the Champions League, scheduled for Thursday, early evening, where Girondins and Phoenicians are simply the 3rd ... Why is this important? Again, in terms of winners and the power of Lyon in the French football world, it is surprising that comparison of perpetual love this great looking football ... The recognition is well there, however: seven league titles, a Cup of France and one League Cup.

A few weeks ago, the businessman was yet low profile and not seek admitted that reclaiming the title of champion of France. In the fervent atmosphere of the Stade Constant Vanden Stock, JMA has seen a sudden one of his goals higher.

The warning to Barca

"We can beat everyone with this team, but we'll see what the subject lot. I would avoid Barcelona, although I think this year there are other responses to this team of Barça" exclaimed one who arrived at the helm of the club in 1987. There is reason to question the merits to compare this early in the season, a team that has successfully completed a historic hat-trick last year and had thrashed the Lyon at Camp Nou (5-2).

But, like all enthusiasts, Aulas vibrates to the art he defends, and nobody can blame him that. As president, perhaps it should however be more measured in some interviews hot. In their time, Roger Rocher, Claude Bernard Tapie Bez or other unavoidable presidents of French football, was equally incisive and aroused as much hate as love. Perhaps it is this, after all, the lot of a great president.

And after all, if all the JMA has ignited Tuesday night, is it not also because Olympique Lyonnais, qualifying for the group phase of the Champions League in 2010, has satisfied, among 15 and 20 million euros of additional revenue?

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