Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guingamp live-Hamburg

Thirteen years after his one and only participation in the UEFA Cup, the En Avant Guingamp, who won the French Cup final against Rennes and resident of League 2, with Europe, Thursday, at the Tower of dams in the Europa League. After undergoing the law of the Inter Milan in 1996 (0-3, 1-1), the Britons to rub Hamburg SV, 5th last year in Germany. Despite a difficult draw, the EAG hopes to renew its crazy epic of the season in the Coupe de France. And the Breton people believe! Match Live

Four months after his incredible adventure in the Coupe de France, Guingamp is ready to put the cover! Winner of Rennes in the final of the oldest of the French competition, thanks to a doubling of its former striker Eduardo party from the ranks of Lens at the top, the En Avant Guingamp won the right to smell again the fragrance particularly if Europe. 13 years after their first European experience in the now defunct UEFA Cup, the Bretons and the Stadium Roudourou welcome on Thursday, a tour of the dam League Europe against Hamburg SV. The case will not be easy to negotiate, but the club dear to The Great Christmas does not waive its rule. Regardless of the caliber of the opponent, a meeting is still a meeting and it will still give hope to pass the obstacle German.

Fifth of the last championship, Hamburg did not the European past of Inter Milan, the former opponent of EAG in the UEFA Cup, but still remains as one of the big outsiders of this new C3 formula. Still sacred Clubs Champions Cup against Juventus (1-0), 25 May 1983, through a realization of Magath, and Cup Winners Cups, face Anderlecht (2-0), May 11 1977, HSV is still awaiting his first success in C3. If for the UEFA Cup, the case is heard, the Europa League is in the smaller papers Paolo Guerrero and others.

Opponents of choice for the EAG

To do this, move from Hamburg to Roudourou first to face a team to the European past guingampaise virtually blank, except thus a double confrontation against Inter. In a stadium then 6 981 spectators, the meeting did not really place the best of ways. Ganz (56th) Penalty Djorkaeff (71st) and Sforza (87th) had registered three achievements for a scathing Nerazzurri 3-0. Despite the achievement of a draw back at the return match at Giuseppe Meazza (1-1 with a realization of Wreh, ed), the EAG had logically been the law in a European training well above him.

This season, the Britons still believe in the improbable feat, like Smereck Francis, former coach of the club, who spoke Tuesday in the West columns of France to support the club at heart. Francis Smereck or the man who just led the En Avant Guingamp at the time of the first club to a European Cup. "This game face European Cup in Hamburg Guingamp can help fortify their first results in the championship. It should also enable them to gain maturity. We all know that the games are complicated. One exploit is still possible" , stated it this way. Bretons us to prove it!

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