Friday, August 21, 2009

Van der Vaart, the gunner pulled

Van der Vaart, the gunner pulled

When the Premier League you eyes soft, difficult to remain unmoved. Rafael van der Vaart can testify, who recently said would prevail in the great construction team Real Madrid. But to be coveted by Liverpool or Arsenal, history of launching a full career in infancy, will surely change the speech. A ten days of the closing of summer mercato, the battle between the two teams from the Big Four could be hard to garner the coming of a leader Thursday left foot daunting.

With a recruitment pharamineux, both on the economic pan Sports, Real Madrid has left little room for competition. The new strongman in the White House, Manuel Pellegrini, has also said some reactions will be asked to leave the Spanish capital. Rafael van der Vaart is part of the blacklist, to the delight of the big stables in the UK.

Liverpool or Arsenal?

After losing Xabi Alonso, just moved to the club merengue, Liverpool would like to see the arrival of a midfielder capable of playing the relay and has a very good password. Normally one notch higher than the pre-Spanish city, the Dutch international could be back in like a Benoit Cheyrou in Marseilles, where Roberto Aquilani did not perform as expected. The Roma transfuge the purchased price of gold to 25 million, has only attended 14 meetings in Serie A last year and missed the first two months of competition. Otherwise provide an opportunity for a new entrant to establish itself alongside the small head Argentine Javier Mascherano.

To this end, the Reds would be awarded to the attack by proposing, according to The Times, 12 million to engage the services of left-handed Real, when the club Florentino Perez would have originally requested 10. But in recent days, Arsenal has called in the transaction. Not necessarily in need at the midfielders, the formation of Arsène Wenger could anticipate setbacks, particularly on Samir Nasri and Tomas Rosicky. According to this time The Daily Mail, the Gunners have made an offer less than the Reds to the tune of 11.5 million. The preference of the former Hamburg player should make a difference, he might discover a new championship.

Cut to the Premier League?

After spending six seasons at Ajax Amsterdam, the club trainer, three seasons in Hamburg and a year at Real Madrid, Rafael van der Vaart is very popular in England. The game leader of Oranje could join Robin Van Persie at Arsenal or Liverpool Dirk Kuyt, two good examples of successful integration in the Premier League. For it must be said that the acclimatization in the English league, certainly the most intense in Europe, is not an easy task.

Very comfortable at the foot ball, the player of 26 years do not have the profile of the frankly hard worker. And examples of large balloon manieurs difficulty in the UK are legion, from Modric Deco in the past year, through Nasri or Veron. The future of Madrid banned emerges, therefore, to the Perfidious Albion but is far from being traced. To him to mix his game to the local culture, like Xabi Alonso or Cesc Fabregas ...

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