Monday, August 31, 2009

The PSG at the top!

Model realism, PSG has signed his third win of the season taking the best of Lille (3-0) Sunday at the 4th day of Ligue 1. After the victory obtained through achievements of Clement (27th), Luyindula (78) and Jallet (90 +1 e), the troops of Antony Kombouaré temporarily seize leadership of the chair pending the delivery of Bordeaux to Marseille on Sunday evening. If smiles Paris, Lille face since with a single point on the meter, LOSC rocking in the red zone. The movie game.

The lack of success in Lille Paris earth has once again confirmed. Authors 5 small success in 31 moves before the game Sunday, the dogs fell again at the Parc des Princes, blamed a PSG opportunistic if not constant during 90 minutes.

After dominating the game and more incisive as the kickoff, the Lille stormed half field Parisian Grégory Coupet no shortage of demands in the first quarter of an hour one way. The pressure of the Yankee midfield embarrassment of local construction and the GMP attackers are temporarily missing. So, Lille put their hearts delight, without fly. Rami up a powerful butt but misses the target (6th) before the last bastion Paris does show a strong shot Cabaye (10th). In the process, Aubameyang misses the target a few centimeters (11th) and LOSC advantage of the excess space between the lines of Paris to develop his game quietly

The masterpiece of Clement

Paris let the storm pass and finally goes on the attack after a match started rose to protect his goal. The Mastiffs are retreating and PSG benefits. Giuly is the first to highlight the fire but the elf spent by Barca is blocked by Emerson (20th). Paris pushes and Clement gets yet another ball before launching Erding in depth. The Turk sees Butelle push his shot (26th), a few seconds before the stroke of brilliance of the game. Following a corner, Mavuba pushes the danger of the head and Clement, launched at the edge of the area, sent a missile into the top corner that would have denied Roberto Carlos (1-0, 27th). Made confident by this sublime opening goal, PSG continued its offensive and seen as part Sessegnon escape after a raid solo (28e). Realistic, PSG bends but does not always break before the break when Rami (32nd), Vittek (38th, 44th) and Debuchy (45 +2 e) missing the boat.

After the break, Lille continues to receive favorable ball possession but sterile. Coupet remains vigilant on two free kicks well worked by Cabaye (49th, 55th) and the all out attempt by Garcia with successive entries from Gervinho (46), De Melo (57) and Obraniak (70) does not bear fruit . Instead, they are annoying Parisians realism to their opponents who pound the nail. Mr. Thual refuses first goal against his camp De Melo for a small stroller Traoré at the game but has no other choice but to validate the achievement of Luyindula in endgame. Armand adjusting a center since his left Jallet take passive defense Lille to send the ball to Luyindula who do not pray to the PSG away (2-0, 78th).

The leader PSG, Lille in the red

Entered into play, Jallet offers 20 minutes of madness because, having given a goal, the former Lorient takes a nice volley center Sessegnon and take this huge blunder Butelle to give Paris a success net and flawless (3-0, 90 1 e). With 10 points on the meter, PSG grid politeness in Lyon at the top of the standings thanks to a better attack and sit on the podium in Ligue 1, whatever the outcome between Bordeaux and Marseille this evening. For its part, LOSC scowled and made his only point from four outings condemned temporarily to a first place in the relegation zone.

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