Monday, August 31, 2009

Taiwo: "We will win"

Pivotal figure in the OM for several seasons now, Taye Taiwo, usually somewhat prolix, this week spoke to reporters on the eve of the clash against Bordeaux. Right in his cleats, the left lateral Phocaean highlights the impact of Didier Deschamps in charge of the team, as well as his new partner Heinze and Diawara. No question, however, say more about its possible extension. OM-Bordeaux is quite a shock for a 4th day ...
Taye Taiwo: It's already game of the year! We will want to give everything. Bordeaux is a team that is already in place, where players are there for two or three years and know each other well. They automation. In Marseilles, many players have arrived. We will play at home and is expected to match tactics. But we'll all be together for the win. When players play together for several seasons, they are better and manage to be even more dangerous. The game we will play Sunday comes early for us, but that's life. It's a game we should win.

The armada girondine do impressive does not it?
Gourcuff and Chamakh are players who are very good, we know, and there are others who are very strong. But the important thing is that Marseille win the three points. Sure it's the game that everyone expects, journalists, the public and even us. This will be a hot match, we will win.

The Bordeaux region claim that they are not afraid of the OM. Are they right?
A lot of people say that, I heard on TV. But we are not talking about the game, it is always calm, you see. We hear the OM did it, where it did not, but we can not say anything.

Your team has struggled to find against Rennes. Y Has Cause for concern?
During the match we played against Rennes, it was too anxious, we wanted to score too quickly. There was a half-time when we were surprised, but then we played forward. The coach at halftime we said we might not win playing like that. Then we went back on the ground as he had for the last 45 minutes.

"I would like Chelsea or Real Madrid"

The defense of the OM has been redesigned this summer. What happens with your new partner?
Heinze is a great player that played in big clubs. When he signed with OM, it was fun for everyone. It gives me a lot. Diawara also is a great player, it means good and it makes me grow.

You continue to take free kicks. You should expect your first order forward ...
Indeed, I will continue to take free kicks and I'm full of confidence. I know sometimes it happens, and sometimes not, is something that I know. But when a player makes a mistake in the axis of the goal, I think it's good for me and good for the team too.

Eric Gerets had been in your position as a player. How this happens with Didier Deschamps?
Didier Deschamps has been a great player and is an excellent coach. When he came to the OM, it made me happy. All the coaches I had in Marseille taught me things, and counting. I learn with Didier Deschamps, especially at the tactical level where it is very strong.

Will you continue with OM?
I do not know ...

Like you?
I do not know. Today, I am with the OM ... we'll see later.

Do you have preferences for the draw for the Champions League on Thursday?
Whatever the teams that we draw, this will be the same, there will inevitably be a large formation against which we will enjoy playing. It took Liverpool two years away, maybe we will have a third year. Personally, I'd like Chelsea or Real Madrid.

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