Sunday, September 6, 2009

AS Roma, a president in question

Decidedly, the AS Roma through a difficult period at the beginning of the season. After the coaching change occurred this week with the replacement of Spalletti by Ranieri, after a quiet transfer window and after a missed early season, the supporters club of the Eternal City have expressed their fed up with leaders on Saturday morning. They demonstrated outside the training center of the club Trigoria, protests that could go wrong.

AS Roma is under the spotlight today. Unfortunately for the club founded in 1927, this is explained by its poor performance and the ensuing unrest. The relationship between the tifosi and the Roman leaders are stretched from last season, the former accusing the latter mainly to lead the club, only 6th in the last championship, his loss. Tensions escalated Saturday.

A shy mercato

The summer transfer window of the Roma was quite shy no significant entry, except the Romanian goalkeeper Bogdan Lobont on loan. Above all, the Rome club sold the Italian international Alberto Aquilani at Liverpool for 23 million euros. Such difficulties can be explained by the non-qualification in the Champions League. Therefore, the season not going to be auspicious for the Louve. The defeats in the first two days of championship, facing the Genoa (3-2) and Juventus (1-3), confirmed the fears: AS Roma is reflected bottom club in Serie A.

Tuesday 1st September, coach Luciano Spalletti gave his resignation. In the process, Claudio Ranieri was appointed to replace the technician arrived in 2005. With Spalletti, the Roma had won two Italian Cups in 2007 and 2008 and an Italian Supercup in 2007. For Claudio Ranieri, 58 years, this seems like a homecoming. Born in Rome, he was trained in Rome and there began his career in 1973.

"Rosella, begone!"

This appointment has not quieted the fans. About 500 of them gathered Saturday morning at the training center of the club Trigoria to express their dissatisfaction with the policy direction of the Rome club. Particularly concerned: Rosella Sensi, 37 years and president of AS Roma since August 28, 2008. She succeeded her father died, Franco Sensi, who headed the club since 1993. It is currently one of two women to lead a football club in Serie A, the other being Francesca Menarini, President of Bologna. Several banners calling to sell the club to go and have been deployed.

"As long as you're there, we will oppose you," "Rosella, go away". For several months now, the sale of the club is mentioned. The players were also mentioned this morning: "You're incapable of which are not moving on the ground despite 1 million monthly. Sporting director Daniel Prade, guilty for having conducted a recruitment campaign modest, was also booed. However, Luciano Spalletti and Daniele De Rossi (very popular in the hearts Giallorossi) were acclaimed. The gathering of Roman tifosi held under the supervision of the police and eventually ended peacefully despite some smoke bombs and farm have been launched.

Claudio Ranieri has come not in a working atmosphere very serene. Moreover, he means to recover at least the Champions League next season? With what has been said, it will be difficult. The Romans then count again and again on Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi to enable them to mingle in the fight for top places. The new coach will make his debut on the bench of the Roma September 13 during the third day of the Italian league against Siena (11th) before a clash against Fiorentina 20 (7th). Meanwhile, he will move to Basel for the first game hens Europa League. Matches the scope of the players of the Eternal City.

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