Sunday, September 6, 2009

MU punished like Chelsea?

Thursday, September 3, FIFA has caused shock across the Channel by prohibiting any recruiting Chelsea player until January 2011. The governing body of world football are accused of having engaged in June 2007 the young Gael Kakuta, aged 16, formed in Lens, without the consent of the Yankee Club.
Today, it is Manchester United who finds himself in the eye of the storm: FIFA has also been alerted on the back of Paul Pogba, captain of France's Under-16.

On 31 July, Paul Pogba, defensive midfielder Harbor, decided to join the Academy of Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. The Le Havre had then responded on their official website accusing the champion of England 2009 flight. "The HAC wishes to express his outrage at the actions of leaders Manchester United on the young Paul Pogba."
Interviewed Friday on France Info about this case, President Jean-Pierre Louvel wanted to clarify things: "Pogba had an ANC (contract non-solicitation). He would sign his contract at the HAC but not the has not signed for Manchester stepped in and offered astronomical sums and disproportionate to a boy of 15 years. " In response, Jean-Pierre Louvel has asked FIFA to investigate this case. The letter of release has not been accepted by the FFF rightly and now FIFA has before and hopefully we will get the same result, which will justify to those clubs that can not do anything and there are rules to follow. "This was confirmed Friday the club's CEO Norman, Alain Belsoeur, told Reuters:" It's a very strong showing that a player under contract can not go under any conditions. "

But FIFA said, speaking through a spokesman Friday, have so far received no complaints from Havre about signing in Manchester Paul Pogba month denier.

For MU, is a "complete nonsense"

In all cases, in Manchester, one begins to tremble and we defend ourselves. The spokesman for the Red Devils responded on the British channel BBC: "It is complete nonsense. Everything was done according to guidelines set by UEFA, the European body of football."

However, Alain Belsoeur claims he has documents showing that Manchester has provided strong incentives for joining Pogba: "It is a very serious matter. We are confident that we will win because not only in the interests of the club, but in the interest of sport. "

This whole story does go through?

Chelsea appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in its case against RC Lens. The club Roman Abramovich should be determined on his fate by the end of 2009. This is a point Friday Matthieu Reeb, CAS Secretary General, on Sky Sports.

While the penalty for Chelsea Will it confirmed? Will it be reduced? Or this case she gives birth to a mouse if the appeal should be good for Chelsea?
In any case, the file should Kakuta precedent. If the penalty is canceled, it would mark the result of the omnipotence of the richest clubs on the transfer market. If the Chelsea penalty was upheld, a penalty for Manchester could follow and this would confirm that a revolution is underway in European football. The rich clubs could no longer come to this market freely in training centers.

This is good news for French football known as the training centers are among the most renowned in Europe, and some big clubs with sharp fangs do not hesitate to recruit young talent while they are still adolescents, and therefore inexpensive. It would also be good news for these young players, examples of careers ruined by too early departures abroad endless ...

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