Friday, September 4, 2009

Chelsea banished mercato!

Huge uproar in England. On Thursday, FIFA did not hesitate to ban all recruitment of Chelsea for two years until January 2011. The origin of this sanction, which will copy: the poaching of Gael Kakuta in 2007. This promising French left winger was then unilaterally broke its contract with RC Lens. The Blues will also pay a compensation of about 130 000 to the Yankee Club. The London training should appeal to Court of Arbitration for Sport.

It is generally not very keen to leave his sporting club trainer before they have hatched at the professional level. Like many other players too quickly termed "miracles" after some brilliant games in youth group, Gaƫl Kakuta had opted to leave the aberrant RC Lens, at the age of 16. That was in 2007 and, indeed, refuse to join the prestigious club of Chelsea and its stars, while enjoying a huge signing bonus (1 million in his case), was too honorable to our days.

Lens receives succeed ...

But there is finally a moral - very painful - to the ordinary story but so contemptible to French football and training. Gael Kakuta was sentenced today to 780 000 compensation to his club trainer and gets a 4-month suspension. Except that the native of Lille could never find the way of land. Left Wing very promising, impressive in its ability to clear his opposition defenders, Kakuta is now seriously injured following a broken leg and ankle contracted in February 2009. His career is in danger. A month ago, the French international in class youth had yet made its first appearance in the occupational group in the Premier League.

And meanwhile, the RC Lens has not hesitated to attack Chelsea courts. "It was an expected decision, the boy was under contract, they came rob us. Chelsea had unacceptable behavior by contacting the player before his 16th birthday when he was training with us since the age 8 and a half. He had a contract for training in French, summarizes Gervais Martel on Thursday, the airwaves of RMC.

... and Chelsea is an example

For more of this journey that could be tragic for the French full of promise, the London club which is severely punished. The Board of Dispute Settlement FIFA, which ruled that the player had broken his contract at the request of British leaders, Chelsea has banned recruitment until January 2011, during the next two transfer periods. A tragedy for the Blues, who, in their desire to remain at the top of British and European football, are still forced to recruit regularly, if only for a few players to replace their aging.

Obviously, the club of Roman Abramovich is expected to appeal particularly to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Desiring to reduce its expenses, other English clubs have taken up the recruitment of overrated players in the Premier League, Chelsea has spent only 20 million euros this summer for the left-Russian Yuri Zhirkov. With its current staffing, the London club could resolve not to increase until 2011 without really understanding this exemplary punishment. And the English people to feel like a victim representative of European football.

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