Friday, September 4, 2009

Maradona in expectation

A short distance from the terrible classico between Argentina and Brazil, Sunday at 2:30 (French time), accounting for the preliminaries of the 2010 World Cup, Diego Maradona has still not found the right formula to make the best of his virtuosi. Despite the talent pool of high bills, the national coach of the Albiceleste copy what is less well elsewhere messing his system and tactics in every game. Suddenly, the ticket to South Africa later this year is far from being validated when the time is short ...

A 3-4-3 against Venezuela (4-0 win), a 4-3-3 in Bolivia (6-1 defeat), then a 4-4-2 Ecuador (2-0 defeat), are the mood changes of the Argentine selection under the tutelage of Diego Armando Maradona. Yet as the winner with the modest Venezuelans, in his fiery lair of Monumental, the band of Lionel Messi was unrecognizable during his two trips following. The cause: a chronic mania from the coach to change every second, his game plan according to opponents. Following two defeats and a circulation of indigent ball when we know the ball handlers up the South American team. Approaching the classic duel against Brazil, the choice of El Pibe de Oro will once again be monitored closely.

Brazil will not make gifts

Therefore, the attitude of national coach will radically change, or face a new chill in front of the squad. First the only qualifying group in South America after 14 days (editor's note on 18), the troupe will move Dunga in double world champions on Sunday morning with the intention to consolidate this status. Conversely, partners Carlos Tevez are stuck in an uncomfortable fourth place, five points of Auriverde. Pressured by Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia and even Venezuela, the Albiceleste therefore the knife to her throat but could rely on the last friendly game won by Russia (2-3), there three weeks, with sensations of play on the inevitable return.

Argentina: In Praise of the innate

Fresh air from Moscow have cooled the ardor he "maradonesques? Yet many private players like Gago frames, Veron, Messi or Tevez, the hero of the Argentine people had opted for a 4-4-2 and a duo-Ag├╝ero Milito in attack against Russia. And if the formation of Heaven and White still does not know the definition of the word "automatic", some sequences from elsewhere have enlivened some animated. To counter the game a touch of the ball Russians, Argentines have offered more combinations similar to acts that innate agreements enforced. But nobody knows yet if this test is successful and hopeful act as a trigger in the minds of Diego Maradona ...

Maradona the repentant?

"If we beat Brazil, they will be in South Africa. Recognizing the importance of the match against prestigious partners to Kaka, the world champion 86 is ready to put its troops on the right track. In any case the opinion of Diego Simeone, another emblematic figure of the other side of the Atlantic. "Besides the fact that selection has great players in its ranks, it is directed by veteran preliminary competitions and the World coronation. If Maradona has seamless support for now, an entire people and a whole team, the new leader is that he knows that his success will also be a personal challenge.

Recovering for the event's magical trio Tevez-Messi-Aguero, Milito and even with Lisandro on the bench, the conductor of the Albiceleste has an offensive force certainly unparalleled. However, Lucho Gonzalez (cover) and Juan Roman Riquelme (choice) are absent when Juan Sebastian Veron is itself very uncertain. Not ideal, therefore, to link between the three points and two collectors that will surely Gago and Mascherano. And the binder is precisely what he failed to Argentina in their two previous setbacks. The question is whether Maradona will find in time the right formula to provide opposition to large size face Brazil.

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