Tuesday, September 15, 2009

De Rossi made in part

There are not that racist insults to flipping out at an opponent. At the meeting in Serie A between Siena and AS Roma, Daniele De Rossi was booed by a small section of the public at the Tuscan club's success of the Wolf Sunday, with two achievements Mexes (73) and Riise (89). And to top it all, Marco Giampaolo, Siena coach, accused De Rossi and Totti for insulting the referee. Of course, politicians Alps could stay out of the case ...

After the racist insults, the fans have found new resources for flipping out at a player of the opposing team. In all the European leagues, the cries of monkeys were already sometimes heard in some forums to touch the integrity of black players. Last February, during the 34th day of League 1, John Mensah had been cries of monkeys at the Stade Gerland during the meeting between Lyon and Le Havre. The former Rennes defender then had the urge to leave the city Rhone but also the world of football.

De Rossi in tears

In Italy, Mario Balotelli had also been severely booed during a meeting between Juventus and Inter Milan last April. The Ghanaian-born striker had been volleyed back after having a somewhat haughty behavior. Recently, Djibril Cisse, former striker for AJ Auxerre Olympique de Marseille, also had the right to equal treatment when he arrived in Greece, Panathinaikos of Athens. Cons modest training Olympiakos Volos, the striker had been the victim of a mockery of the opposing fans.

Sunday, supporters of Siena have therefore pioneered by attacking a white player in the person of Daniele De Rossi. The player, who had a history with the Tuscan club, has been abused throughout the match, the opposing Tifosi even singing songs in praise of the death of his stepfather, who was assassinated last year. The reasons for these provocations? Injuries Ardito in 2005 and the expulsion of Brevi in 2006, both players and Siena caused by the same player ... Daniele De Rossi! On the verge of hysterics and tears, the midfielder from AS Roma was finally restrained by his teammates while the latter wanted to head the opposing Kop to celebrate the win.

Totti takes its defense

Politicians have meanwhile decided to retrieve the case, as evidenced by the statements of two deputies Italian Fabio Granata and Claudio Barbaro, in the columns of La Repubblica. "The racist supporters are punished, and those of Siena must be severely punished for their behavior very seriously and the limit of barbarism aimed directly Daniele De Rossi on Sunday. Supporters of Siena have seriously affected the life of player, and they will be severely punished for this attitude unworthy and uncivilized, "explained the two men on the same wavelength.

As for Francesco Totti, the captain of the iconic Roma, he could only defend his partner in a roundabout way of responding to Marco Giampaolo, the Sienese engineer, who accused both men of insulting the referee. "I do not really comment about the Siena coach because he can have his opinions, which remains unproven," he explained as "Il Capitano" on Forzaroma.info before continuing: "De Rossi been insulted by the crowd and that, Giampaolo did not mention. I also want to thank the President for Lombardi Stronati apologizing after the incident with De Rossi. " The President may have apologized but the case will certainly not do this ...


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