Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leonardo alone responsible?

Promoted coach of AC Milan at the end of last season, knows Leonardo difficult start. Trounced by Inter in the 2nd day of Italian league (4-0), training Lombard could not do better than draw against Livorno (0-0) Saturday. Already under fire, the Brazilian engineer could, according to Italian media, losing his post as early as Tuesday evening, if cons-performance against Marseille. The former player of the squad can however count on the support of big names like Van Basten and Maldini.

After the transfer of Kaka to Real Madrid for 67 million euros in early summer transfer window, was expected to see AC Milan take advantage of this windfall to build a consistently competitive team. However, the biggest regret of the tifosi, Silvio Berlusconi, the club president Lombard has decided otherwise and has decided to waive past follies. To replace the Ballon d'Or 2008 and affect a new dynamic in an aging workforce for the past several seasons, Milan recruited Huntelaar, adverse to the White House, Onyewu and Thiago Silva, while Inter recovered, among other , Eto'o and Juventus acquired the services of Diego ...

Leonardo on the hot seat?

Inheriting therefore a little group strengthened following the departure of its star and Brazilian to cope with sudden avarice of its chairman, Leonardo did not begin its mission of coaching under optimum conditions. After the heaviest defeat of AC Milan against rival Inter since 1974 (4-0) during the second day of the Serie A version 2009-2010, coach Lombard called for patience: "We are a team always en quête d'une identité et notre progression doit se poursuivre malgré cette défaite. Nous avons le temps et les moyens de le faire." Its leaders will they have mercy grant him this precious time? Nothing is less certain after the draw conceded by his players Saturday against Livorno (0-0).

A game in which Milan will have no opportunity, except a free kick over the bar from Pirlo. A provision that worries Adriano Galliani, the CEO of AC Milan, who expects as early as Tuesday evening, the Stade Velodrome, a reaction of the Rossoneri, as he told the Gazzetta dello Sport: "Inter and Juve have won this weekend, not us. This should make us think. J'attend reaction Tuesday against Marseille. " There are whispers that Leonardo also could lose his job if cons-performance against Olympique de Marseille ...

Van Basten and Maldini in support of choice

If the poor performance of AC Milan earlier this season seem to be attributable to Leonardo and his lack of experience on a bench by some, others do not hesitate to defend the technician auriverde and stigmatize lack of ambition displayed in the Italian club during the offseason.

The former front-center of Red and Black, Marco van Basten believes so, during an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport that Leonardo should not be held responsible for chaotic beginnings of his training: "It's work, and it will not be his fault if Milan do not win anything. Leo does what he can with what he is the club in its entirety should return to its former level. Coach can not be responsible if it has not invested in the transfer market. As long as Milan did not strengthen, it will be difficult to return to the level before. "

The hot words from the Netherlands to his former club, but which nevertheless reveals the wanderings of leaders harmful Milan in recent seasons, including delaying renew a constantly aging workforce. Same story with Paolo Maldini, just retired, who strongly defends the new coach of the Rossoneri, during an interview on the UEFA website: "It's really a great challenge for him and the club. Replace as a coach Ancelotti is not easy. This is his first experience as a coach, but after starting a little difficult, I found very determined. It is a very smart guy who understands and knows the club. " So Leonardo, only guilty of poor early season AC Milan?


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