Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diaby: "More offensive than Toulalan and Diarra"

Selected for the decisive matches of the team of France against Romania and Serbia during the playoffs to the World Cup 2010, Abou Diaby has good long-term win in the Blues. The midfielder also believes Arsenal have a game similar to Patrick Vieira, more inclined forwards Jérémy Toulalan or Lassana Diarra. Author of a goal against his camp the last weekend in the clash against Manchester United, the young Gunner hopes to prove that he has all the qualities required to join executives of EdF.

Abu, were you surprised to have been called for these two games capital?
Not surprised that not more but this is not something I expected so far. I'm almost always the news of the France team and I hope each selection. I expected the list and I am very happy to be included.

You can count only two caps for France and it certainly due to your many injuries. How can you live with these brackets?
These injuries have slowed my progress. They prevented me from changing the way I wanted. But I had the chance to join the France team is young and for me to show my qualities to prove that I have my place.

They say there is a place to take in midfield, especially to replace Patrick Vieira. Do you be a player here?
I can yes. Our games are pretty similar. I hope to prove that I am able to hold the position of midfield runner, able to project forward. I can be successful in this position. I like to play in the axis, at least on the sides. But if they ask me of course I plierais.

Do you feel at Diarra and Toulalan are now in place in the Blues?
Both are excellent players who are doing excellent work in teams of France. Here I am competing with them. If I'm here is that I level. Compared with Lassana or Jeremy, I am maybe more offensive. If I can bring something more, perhaps at this place to look.

"We need the public"

Are you a revenge to be a team from France, while those who were more starise when you were at Auxerre as Boumsong, Mexes or Cisse, are not decisive for these games?
No, I'm not in that spirit there. I am very happy to be with the Blues and I owe a lot to Auxerre but in any case I am delighted to be selected and not the players you mentioned.

This weekend, in Manchester, you've lived a hard time (of the Gunners' 1-2 defeat with a goal tells his side of midfield French, Editor's note). It's already forgotten?
It must be yes. I made a big mistake. I must not focus on it but I think in the future. I find it hard to explain what happened exactly. I saw the pictures and I thought that it was not possible (laughs)! This is particularly unfortunate because we could win this match.

You who play in England, are you surprised by the whistles against the France team?
Sure, it's pretty special. In England the fans are really behind their team. From this side, there's a big difference between France and England. It is really that the public is behind us. We must all go in the same direction. Si on se qualifie pour la Coupe du Monde, c'est toute la France qui sera heureuse. We need the public.

Do the players have their share of responsibility for this disaffection?
We all cases we give everything we can when we are on the ground. Personally, I prefer to win a game by not playing very well and go to the World Cup. What is needed at any price now is to qualify. We have a young team and cohesion in looking for the game goes live. But we must leave a little time.

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