Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flamini, the return of the renegade

The Stade Velodrome will be enough to boo the AC Milan first opponent of the OM in the Champions League on Tuesday. Besides Ronaldinho, nightmare for Marseilles when he moved to PSG, Mathieu Flamini confronts his training club, where he has never signed professional. Breathtaking in its final season at Arsenal, a club he also left in the controversy he is a little over a year, the midfielder, 25 years and 3 selections in Blue, was discreetly placed at the Rossoneri, within a very midfield yet provided.

Jose Anigo may feel "betrayed". No Arsène Wenger. There are more than a year, the tireless Mathieu Flamini decided to leave Arsenal after 4 seasons in London, including a stunning last field associated with Cesc Fabregas in midfield, the Gunners. On termination, the French opted for AC Milan, to the chagrin of his manager Alsatian, a little swollen with regret the departure without compensation of defensive midfielder, the same player free recruited in 2004.

When Flamini found Anigo ...

5 years ago, therefore, the native of Marseilles, introduced by Jose Anigo already shining in the course of the OM of Didier Drogba to the finals of the UEFA Cup, was unable to sign his first contract professional, officially because he had not received guarantees to play informally for preferred ahead of Arsenal disproportionate. "It is a beautiful treason. It has served me well. It's good for the money he has not signed pro with us. His argument athlete how he feared least play does more the road ", had late Jose Anigo, head of training and coaching at the time. How will the reunion?

Mathieu Flamini, he does not regret choosing a career that allowed him to explode in the Premier League before signing in one of the most prestigious clubs in football history. "I left Marseille for Arsenal and I was there the chance to play the best, like Henry, Pires, Bergkamp and Campbell. For me it was a great start," he explained there is a year to the BBC. His incredible work as a defensive midfielder catchy it can now win at AC Milan.

Teaching essential to AC Milan?

First little used last season by Carlo Ancelotti, the Corsican origin has gradually found its place (22 to end tenure), alternate wonderfully three cadors the midfield Lombard (Gattuso, Pirlo and Seedorf), while troubleshooting effectively right back position, he who had been impressive as a left defender for Arsenal in 2006, until the final Champions League against Barcelona. Flamini, 25, is now a symbol of the new policy of rejuvenating the team rossonera. A licensee must place awaits if Leonardo manages to reshape their environment by hoisting Pirlo behind the attackers.

Tenured in the first three days of Serie A (Gattuso injured his thigh), Mathieu Flamini will stem the lawn of the Velodrome on Tuesday, during the first day of Champions League. If he should wipe the Velodrome whistles, along with Ronaldinho, who had humiliated repeatedly during the OM he wore the jersey of the PSG, the number 16 Milan is eager to show the French public. Capped three times by France team Raymond Domenech, Flamini is currently relegated to the bench of the nation's reservists. Until when?


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