Monday, September 7, 2009

The Ghana makes an appointment

South Africa is not alone. Ghana is the first African team to qualify on the ground for the next World Cup. The teammates of Essien have chained their 4th victory against Sudan (2-0). Côte d'Ivoire Drogba is also on track after his win against Burkina Faso (5-0) Saturday. In Group A, Cameroon was relaunched in defeating the forceps in Gabon (0-2). Sunday, in Group B, Tunisia has maintained its 1st place with his no torn Nigeria (2-2).

Group A

Saturday at 16:30

Gabon 0-2 Cameroon, Match

Sunday at 17:30

Togo 1-1 Morocco

Group B

Sunday at 15h

Mozambique 1-0 Kenya

Sunday at 18h

Nigeria 2-2 Tunisia

Group C

Saturday, 15:30

Egypt 0-1 Rwanda

Sunday at 23h

Algeria (1) - Zambia (3rd)

Group D

Sunday at 17h

Benin 1-1 Mali

Sunday at 19h

Ghana 2-0 Sudan

Group E

Saturday at 14:30

Malawi 2-1 Guinea

Saturday at 19h

Ivory Coast 5-0 Burkina Faso

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