Monday, September 7, 2009

Portugal is no longer master of its destiny

In the playoff for the 2010 World Cup, several European nations, usually strong, are in danger. Besides France, the Czech Republic and Sweden, Portugal, the 2008 Golden Ball Cristiano Ronaldo sees his dreams of World Cup 2010 away game after game. Saturday evening, the Portuguese have snatched a draw (1-1) in Denmark, a result that allows them to continue to hope but that complicates the situation in Group 1.

With seven points ahead of Portugal before the game, the Danes, leaders in Group 1 had the opportunity, winning in Copenhagen, to consolidate their top spot and eliminate the same time a serious competitor. But no one has provided neither of these options.

One game, however dominated by Portugal

Beaten in the first leg (3-2), the Portuguese want their revenge. Thus, teammates Deco have generally dominated those of Jon Dahl Tomasson. They were relatives opened the scoring on several occasions with shots from Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco and Simao. But the image of the Romanian goalkeeper Coman against France, Stephan Andersen, Danish Brøndby porter was in a state of grace. He replaced Thomas Sorensen, suspended. The Portuguese could have benefited from a penalty kick in the 40th minute when Dane Christensen diverted the ball with his hand in the penalty area. But Swiss referee Massimo Busacca did not flinch. And as often happens, what are the Danes, on cons-attack, opened the scoring in the 42nd minute by an unstoppable shot from the Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner.
En deuxième mi-temps, le Portugal tentait le tout pour le tout, mais Deco et Ronaldo ne pouvaient tromper la défense danoise bien regroupée. The Portuguese finally equalized in the 86th minute by Liedson, entered the match at half time in place of Tiago. The striker Sporting Club of Portugal, of Brazilian origin, was naturalized in Portugal last August.

Finally, the lack of offensive realism, which costs the players Carlos Queiroz difficulties in Group 1. They scored only nine goals in seven games, just like ... Team France.
Inefficiency deplored in the Portuguese media this morning. "The lack of efficiency in finishing continues to characterize the national football," explained the website of the RTP (Radio and Television of Portugal). And as the team from France, Portugal tried to reassure himself by explaining that the content was good: "The team played well, the attitude has been good," said defender José Bosingwa. "We have had many opportunities, not materialized. I have nothing wrong with the team," he said to RTP.

A double confrontation against Hungary with the issue dams

With seven points behind and nine points to take, needless to say that Lusitanians will focus on the 2nd place, synonymous with dams. In this context, two decisive matches waiting now Ronaldo and his family, first in Hungary next Wednesday, then Portugal October 10. Finally, the Selecção Malta will last for a match easily. Mais le Portugal n'est plus maître de son destin. It will not be Ibrahimovic and his family make full. After the victory of Sweden (1-2) in Hungary, the Swedes can still, with 12 points, hope the first place as they will play October 10 in Denmark. The Lusitano must therefore rely on a misstep Nordic.

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