Saturday, September 5, 2009

Henry: "The Stade de France may ignite"

Absent face the Faroe Islands in August last, Thierry Henry expected to start Saturday night against Romania. A few matches of the end of the long road to cross that the race for World Cup 2010, "Titi" evokes the decisive game, not without hiding his bitterness about the fact that the team of France has not yet achieved "full game" ...

Thierry, first of all what can you say about the controversy arose after your absence from the Faroe Islands and the evolution of your injury?
It made me laugh. If some people know me a little, they should know it should not be any doubt. I've said a million times. I played in teams of France, Arsenal or Barcelona twenty thousand times by not being good. Sometimes it's past, others not. So now there is no problem. And then you can not do "if Henry" or anything. I played games, including Ireland, which was significantly less while there, I scored and everyone was happy, when I was not really satisfied with my game. But that's it. We must go into battle.

What speech will you serve your teammates before the decisive game? Do you improvise?
There will be no improvisation, speech is often the same. And it will be even easier because you have more questions to ask. As to what I say, I care for my team ...

Will you warn them in relation to public reaction?
Most players selected play in big clubs, and things like that happen also in the clubs. But we know that it starts with us. If we play well, the stadium will be with us. Now if it was more difficult to find fault as against Lithuania ... I think that is the envy of most people who see us succeed that occasionally there is that frustration. If you come to do what we have to do Saturday, the stage ignite. Otherwise it will be much more difficult.

So you think it's normal to be booed?
Yes and no. I played in a lot of clubs and Arsenal for example it is not normal then that Barcelona is normal, and also selected ... But again, we're not there to focus on that and I repeat: if you do what you to do, I hope they will be with us and I have no doubt about it .

"Marica is very dangerous"

What memories do you have the first leg in Romania? Raymond Domenech has spoken of a second-half reference ...
In the first half, we got moving. It has lost almost all duels, it was hard to develop our game though thanks to Franck was able to return to 2-1. After we had a big second half, we put the ball and started to play and we could even win this game. Unfortunately, it has not made a full game. It is time to do so. I remember that game against Serbia, which remains our reference to match these qualifications. We need to find these automatic one.

What can you say about this Romanian team?
We know they just changed coaches and Marica, in particular, is a very dangerous player. For us to be careful. A team that has also changed his way of playing. It is much more aggressive, playing much higher. It is a formidable team, we have seen there and at Euro 2008 (0-0).

Are you worried before addressing the meeting?
I'd rather be in another situation, I will not lie. On the other hand, it was still our fate in their hands. Before talking about the game of Serbia, we must take all three points against Romania to target the first place.

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