Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trezeguet wants to go

Juve will lose one of its great figures. In an interview with La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the French striker David Trezeguet told to go better after this season. The curtain will fall so in ten years under color Bianconeri for a player who is preparing for a final season in half-tone. Before, maybe, a return to France?

A page will look on the other side of the Alps in the summer of 2010. David Trezeguet, known in Italy but also in Europe football, as one of the most talented striker of his generation, will leave Juventus. In any case it clearly suggest Thursday in the columns of La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Future unknown

"I go home at the end of this season. This time for sure, the love affair between the Italian training and the youngest of the French selection for the 1998 World Cup will end. At dusk a decade serving the Old Lady of Argentina is planning to return home on his land. Which? In Argentina or France? "I still do not know," replied the former international.

1998 World Champion and Europe in 2000, David Trezeguet had his national team career was brutally slow. Genuine fox surfaces praised the realism, "Trezegol" still paying his failure at the meeting of shots on goal in the 2006 World Cup final against Italy. Only shooter unfortunate that quarter of an hour of sad memory, a native of Rouen is hardly appeared in the tunic of the Blues since July 9, 2006. And if the bitterness of Raymond Domenech causes at each meeting of lights, an outcry of millions of amateur breeders that are supporters of the France team, the most romantic coaches remains intransigent.

Cursed Summer 2008

Let the word go, the man who explained the fiasco of the Euro 2008 by a marriage no longer wants to hear about the Franco-Argentine. And so what if it is shining brightly in the Piedmont. This, however, is no longer the case since last season. After a convincing performance 2007-2008 (20 goals in 36 games), the career of the former Monaco took a bit of a lame duck. He who has played only 12 games last year, only eight of the championship, for one purpose does not in the plans of Ciro Ferrara, new coach of Juventus since May 18 His absence during the first two tricks of the opus of the 2009-2010 Serie A has been completed to persuade a change of scenery. Even if he says that his choice is the fruit of long reflection: "Nobody asked me to leave is a decision that I have matured a long time."

Perhaps since 2008 and its non-league selection in Europe of nations, that the tide has turned for the champion of France 1997 and 2000. Although, obviously, it has more legs than 20 years. Regardless, the replacement of "Trezegol" is already under discussion within the training Biancone. Leaders Piedmont think thus Giusseppe Rossi to Villarreal or Ezequiel Lavezzi of Napoli. The French striker, meanwhile, did not know where he will continue his career. Who knows, perhaps a return to AS Monaco is possible. Unless he decides to return to his first love, the CA Platense, or elsewhere in Argentina ...

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