Thursday, September 3, 2009

UEFA, the hunt is on

Everyone own expression! If UEFA believes having opened a hunt for cheaters, Arsène Wenger, the coach of the offending player, is not gone dead hand pointing simply the action of the governing body of European football as a "hunting witches. In case of Eduardo diving in the penalty area of Celtic at the turn of dams back League Champions (won 3-1 by the Gunners, editor's note). The referee was abused and eliminated Celtic, UEFA has every intention of restoring the balance ... Justice.

Over the days the business is growing because it is virtually unprecedented, except an event which was also produced at a meeting between Celtic and AC Milan. At the time, that is to say, October 3, 2007, the Rossoneri faced the Scots Celtic and if the club in the city Lombard had suffered agonies of defeat, Dida, the Brazilian porter AC Milan had meanwhile been suspended retrospectively for simulating a serious injury when a bear had entered the pitch to send him a small slap. Obviously, Celtic were also fined for not having been able to keep its supporters. From that to thinking that this only happens to teams who play the Scottish club ...

Meanwhile, Eduardo, he will live the next two games for Arsenal in the Champions League at best ... from the stands. Victorious 2-0 at Celtic Park, the Gunners were receiving training from Tony Mowbray at the Emirates Stadium last August 26 for a round of dams back the Champions League which sounded initially like a formality. Shortly before the half-hour mark, Eduardo, the Arsenal's Croatian striker, collapsed into the surface in contact with Artur Boruc, the Polish visitors porter (28th). The referee of the Spanish encounter, Mr. Mejuto Gonzalez then stated the penalty spot and the striker did justice to himself to open the brand.

Eduardo, game

Since this game is, the international has become the target of UEFA which has clearly decided to fight, with the help of the video, against abuse and simulations in the areas of truth. Therefore suspected to have "induced the referee error" for that famous penalty, the European body decided to refer the Arsenal striker before its disciplinary committee, which was not the taste of Arsène Wenger, the Arsenal technician. "After reviewing video footage of the incident, the head of UEFA's disciplinary decided to charge the player. The Board of Control and Disciplinary UEFA will investigate the matter on 1 September", explained the statement UEFA. And Arsène Wenger to respond vehemently press conference last August 28: "It is an absolute disgrace. There is nothing conclusive in the images of the match. The decision designates a player as a cheater and this is not acceptable. For me it's a witch hunt. "

Depuis, les choses se sont évidemment décantées et la presse outre-Manche a ajouté son petit grain sel en apprenant la suspension pour deux matches du buteur en Ligue des Champions. The Daily Mail believes that such punishment is just because the Scottish porter had not touched the Gunner. But the newspaper simply ask that justice be done now for everyone. A commitment that seems logical as Eduardo is obviously not the only one to drop in the penalty areas. In a press release published on its official website, Arsenal has not confirmed or denied the appeal.

Arsenal prolongs the suspense

But in any case, in tune with the English press, the club also claims the same penalties for all: "We were informed that we would receive a decision" reasonable "from UEFA. We will take a decision soon but we have been deeply disappointed by the shape of this seemingly arbitrary process that UEFA has begun. We believe it is imperative that the explanation of UEFA's decision is based on clear standards and complete and that they are applied consistently over all meetings. "

Knowing Arsène Wenger, it will not fail to recall any way to UEFA sanction what has been taken if such cheating happened in another European meeting. Rich in twists, this case could not stand by and Vlatko Markovic, president of the federation, could in turn act to protect his player: "Eduardo is fragile constitution, a gust of wind a bit much could make him fall. But Eduardo is not the kind of man, or player, to simulate. " Everyone will appreciate ...

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