Monday, October 5, 2009

bid match the blues vs the reds

With two of his accomplishments French international Nicolas Anelka (60th) and Florent Malouda (91), Chelsea finally imposed against Liverpool (2-0) in shock at the top of this 8th day of Premier League on Sunday. With this favorable outcome, Carlo Ancelotti and his gang take over the controls of the championship with 2 points ahead of Manchester United. Fifth, Liverpool is the gateway to the Big Four, level on points with Arsenal, 4th. Tottenham is always the 3rd step of the podium. Match

Liverpool failed to repeat his feat of last season, when men of Rafael Benitez was able to win on the pitch at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea thanks to a realization of Xabi Alonso at the 10th minute of play . This Sunday, the club has yet Mersey long thwarted partner Didier Drogba before finally lowering the flag in the second half on a realization of French international Nicolas Anelka (60th). Florent Malouda went down the nail into added time (91st).

Until this hour mark cursed for the Reds, Liverpool had held firm, which even shows like the early minutes of play but rarely put in danger Hilario, the porter of Blues. Kuyt was first beaten by Terry in the London area after service Gerrard (6th), while Johnson saw his center perfectly captured by Hilario in the air (8th).

Anelka, Providence scorer

Locked, the meeting then declined slightly in rhythm before the men of Carlo Ancelotti does not provide the best opportunity of the first act. The Ghanaian Essien was first to the origin of a good butt of Nicolas Anelka from the penalty spot. The International tricolor do believe, however, not enough head to Reina. In the process, Ballack fired over following a free kick by Deco (34th) and Essien could adjust the intercom liverpuldien on a ball at the far post (39th). Providential man for Chelsea in the Champions League after the suspension of Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka would obviously have the opportunity to regroup after the break.

Chelsea got into power and the Reds Rafael Benitez could legitimately concerned about their future in this game. Clumsy in their attempts with no fewer than 12 shots to only three frames, residents of Anfield would regret it bitterly.

Two assists for Drogba

Obliged to win to return to Manchester United lead the Premiership, the Londoners were finally opened on First tumbled by Didier Drogba on the left of the field. Previously, Lampard had recovered a good ball into the feet of Mascherano and Deco had shifted the Ivory Coast in the hallway. The elephant had then only to wind a center deep to find the right flat foot of the old Parisian at the far post (60).

Still voiceless offensively, Liverpool cracked again just before the start of the game stops and the blue wave that was never more aptly named. Always happens after a small number before Jamie Carragher, Reina Didier Drogba set to offer a true caviar Florent Malouda (91), one has only to push the ball into the net. The case was heard. Without a cloud in the sky, Chelsea came back in a chair he had abandoned leading to Manchester United at the 7th day. And, in the present state of things, Liverpool is no longer part of the Big Four. Tottenham, further training in London, took his place.

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