Thursday, October 1, 2009

The OM swept in Madrid

Two weeks after first loss against AC Milan (1-2), the OM can again express regret over his defeat in the field of Real Madrid (3-0) Wednesday night at the 2nd day League Champions. Men Didier Deschamps has yet made a par in the first period, but their spoiling some good situations. The Merengues took advantage after half-time with a brace from Cristiano Ronaldo (58th and 64th) and a goal on penalty of Kaka (61st), after excluding Diawara. Match

You must not dream of the knockout stages of this too prestigious Champions League. Except exploits, the OM will be satisfied with a fight for 3rd in Pool C to be repaid in Europa League. After two days and as of two defeats, the last having been granted on Wednesday evening on the lawn of Real Madrid (3-0), Marseille is the formation of his last group, three points behind FC Zurich, winner of AC Milan (1-0). He will absolutely dominate the Swiss champion in the double confrontation to come.

Niang misses the

Didier Deschamps will first act to block the Merengues. In a very compact 4-5-1, Morientes had been chosen to play pivotal one before (at the expense of Brandao), while Niang merely a role left quite defensive. Not hesitating to help Taiwo, useless offensively, against the mounted Sergio Ramos, the Senegal captain was to prove incisive, as usual. Marseille procured and the first big opportunity to meet with Niang, launched by Lucho, who entered the area from the left but stumbled on Casillas (27th).

Very well established and applied in the movement of the ball failing to constantly projecting forward, the OM was, with a central hinge Diawara Heinze-author of some good defensive actions. The breakthrough would have been Phoenician. Two kicks eccentric, drawn by Lucho, Heinze went close fit of times head to crucify his former teammates (25th and 38th). The OM had missed his chance, just like against AC Milan Pippo Inzaghi. The Galactic Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, lined up together in a 4-3-3, would make a difference.

Cristiano Ronaldo's nightmare Diawara

Although not bothered the opponent's strength in attack but also in the middle facing a catchy Mbia, men of Manuel Pellegrini failed to combine in the opposing camp. It took Marseille opportunities for Real to get dangerous. Cristiano Ronaldo tried his luck from distance twice, but Mandanda rejected both fists (33rd and 36th). The porter of the Blues saved mainly by winning his own face to face Benzema, beautifully put into orbit by Kaka (45th 1). Moments earlier, the former Lyon had initiated the revolt, a nice recovery on freestyle center Guti (39th).

Balanced and even closed the debate became pleasant. And the hosts took the top and wide at the same score in the second period, when the hour mark on a long opening Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo took advantage of the passivity of Diawara Mandanda to deceive the left (1-0, 58th) . The Senegalese defender's nightmare began Tacla then violently since the first scorer of the game in the area. Diawara was excluded for a second caution (59th) and it is Kaka who doubled the lead (2-0, 61e). C. Ronaldo did justice to some moments later by entering into a superb one-two between Benzema and Kaka (3-0, 64th).

A doubled, and the Ballon d'Or could return as the bench, replaced by Higuain (70e). The OM was evidently struck and outnumbered (Rodriguez coming into play instead of Abriel, did not react at all. Brandao had beautiful relay Morientes (63) save the honor was not an option, despite two good attempts by the Brazilian (80th and 83rd) and a small slalom Ben Arfa, came late in the game. Real Madrid, which could worsen the score, the OM refers to his beloved studies in Ligue 1 with receiving of Monaco on Sunday.

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